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What it really is, how to do it,
and how true healing helps you live a
happy, vibrant, and fulfilling life

Dear Friend,

"America's present need is not heroics but healing; not nostrums but normalcy; not revolution but restoration."

Those words were spoken by President Warren Harding nearly 100 years ago. But, boy oh boy, do they still apply to our lives today!

The problem back then was postwar depression.

But now the problem is quite different: These days our society needs healing and restoration from what we've come to accept as normal.

For instance, we live with constant stress. Our relationships are strained. And, because of what others have drilled into our heads, we expect to get sick, gain weight, lose interest in sex, become less valuable to society, and just plain be unhappy as we age.

But, the truth is, none of that is normal.

Living in harmony with the environment is normal. Health and wellness are normal. Feeling connected to something greater than yourself is normal. And being able to grow beyond the limitations of the present is normal.

When you consider all of this, you can see why we need "healing", even when we're not physically ill.

I'm not talking about healing in the traditional sense. I'm talking about a natural process that ...

Restores normalcy and a sense of ease into everyday life

In the past, we've had very little clinically proven information about how to address life's challenges without resorting to drugs, surgery, or counseling.

So not long ago, a psychiatrist named Dr. David Hawkins did something that had never been done before. He applied three decades of work as a "consciousness researcher" to the fields of health and healing.

The results were astounding!

Dr. Hawkins found that, while it may be necessary to get a doctor or counselor to "fix" the symptoms of an illness or a problem, most people get far better results when they become an active partner in the healing journey.

When you do that and you address "dis-ease" on three levels, you get EXCELLENT LONG-TERM RESULTS!

If approaching a problem or illness on three levels sounds hard, don't worry. Dr. Hawkins' clinically proven tools make it easy to do. With this new knowledge and its application, anyone can heal anything faster than with traditional approaches.

Incredible credentials to show you how to
take charge of your own wellness

If ever there were a man who could teach you how to become your own healer, it would be Dr. Hawkins.

I'm not talking about healing from physical ailments only. (Although as someone who lived well into his 80s and overcame 27 illnesses of his own, his information can certainly help you do that.)

I'm also talking about healing from any mental or spiritual challenge that affects you.

Let me tell you a little about this extraordinary man:

Dr. Hawkins used to have the largest psychiatric practice in the country. Over the course of his magnificent career, he treated 25,000 patients using a multidimensional approach to healing.

His unique approach was so effective that he specialized in cases that his peers considered hopeless. And sometimes, these "hopeless" cases not only healed, but it happened within seconds!

Dr. Hawkins' outstanding track record in healing himself and helping thousands of others do the same more than qualifies him to teach you how to become an active partner in your own healing process. But, there's also the remarkable tool that the world will always remember him for ...

In 1995, he developed a scientifically formulated blueprint that helps people reach higher levels of consciousness faster and more easily than ever before.

You may have heard of this blueprint before. You may have even used it to tell truth from falsity. But, as powerful as this tool has been for that, Dr. Hawkins took his work with the blueprint to a whole new level.

Anything but a traditional healing model

Years ago, Dr. Hawkins conducted a 29-year study that demonstrated that the human body becomes stronger or weaker depending on a person's mental state. Then he created a scale from 1-1,000 that mapped human consciousness.

He demonstrated that this scale, which is called the Map of Consciousness, can be used as a blueprint to reach higher states of consciousness. Each state can be identified through a very simple and fast muscle test.

Testing shows that the higher your level of consciousness, the stronger you are. In fact, your power increases exponentially as you move up the scale:

Partial Map of the Scale of Consciousness

But, as you're about to discover, this map can be used for more than calibrating your level of consciousness ...

The map can also be used to measure your level of aliveness, your health, and your ability to heal!

Save thousands of dollars in medical bills ...
Reduce the stress you experience ...
Enhance your relationships

In his audio program entitled Healing: Achieving Total Wellness Through Higher Levels of Consciousness, Dr. Hawkins explains that as you move up the scale of consciousness, not only are you getting stronger, but you're also becoming more "alive."

One of the important questions that Dr. Hawkins answers in this program is why your power and feelings of aliveness increase so drastically as you move up the scale. And, more importantly, he explains how you can use that knowledge in real life to achieve total healing.

But before you try to take charge of your health and wellness, you should know ...

The secret behind the mind, body, and spirit connection

Dr. Hawkins may very well have understood the relationship between mind, body, and spirit better than anyone. Remember, he was a renowned psychiatrist known to "cure" hopeless cases. He was also the Director of the Institute for Spiritual Research, Inc. And he overcame nearly 30 physical illnesses during his extraordinary life, at least one of which was supposed to be fatal.

One of the things that make this program so valuable is that it presents the Map of Consciousness in a brand new way: For the first time, you can use the map to provide a very clear understanding of how the mind, body, and spirit relate to each other.    

I'm confident you'll find his explanation fascinating. Until now, no one has made the relationship between the mind, body, and spirit so clear ... so simple ... so incredibly useful.

You'll finally fully understand ...

  • Why your mind has so much power over your body ... and how to use that knowledge to heal your body (it's not what you think).
  • The one thing you need to heal the parts of you that have been resistant to healing.
  • Why you can never solve a problem from the same level at which it occurs, and how to quickly rise to the next higher energy level so you can resolve it.
  • What health really is and the specific steps you can take to feel more alive than you have in years.
  • How to use the Map of Consciousness not only to exponentially increase your power, but to also achieve wellness.

Dr. Hawkins' consciousness research helped revolutionize psychiatry. He traveled along the outermost edges of spiritual evolution for decades. And he survived near-death experiences.

Healing represents Dr. Hawkins's continued work on the Map of Consciousness and spiritual growth. But, by far, most of what he included is brand-new, fresh material.

For instance, you'll discover several practical applications and tools you can use to face, cancel, and heal the major challenges the media and collective consciousness constantly throw in your face. And that's only the beginning. You'll also encounter plenty of...

Contrarian views, unique insights, and practical tools


  • A simple exercise that cancels limiting beliefs and how he used this exercise to cancel his belief that eggs raise his blood cholesterol level
  • Five specific things you can do to heal an illness

  • Practical tools for turning major crises into acute gains, as well as other exercises you can do daily to sustain your health
  • Why aging is a series of scripts, programs, and stereotypes that you choose to believe, and what you can do to grow older happily, healthily, and gracefully
  • Why, in order to heal your fear, you need to look below the feelings into the energy field where the fear originated
  • How to let go of excess weight in an easy, practical, and joyful way that takes only about 90 minutes over a couple of days
  • Why and how you should use a holistic approach to heal dis-ease
  • How your attitudes and beliefs relate to the stress that you experience in your life
  • Why it's important to see your own innate innocence in order to do your spiritual work safely and effectively
  • How to accelerate your spiritual progress by shifting your paradigm on death and dying
  • And many more!

When you look at Dr. Hawkins' life, you see the fruits of his unique perspectives on health, healing, and life made manifest ...

Well into his 80s, he was still writing books, owned a publishing company, and traveled around the country with his loving wife doing lectures. Yet despite all the demands on his time, his demeanor was fun-loving and laid back.

The level where true healing becomes automatic

There's a level on the Map of Consciousness where Dr. Hawkins says you experience true healing or "unopposed aliveness." When you reach that level, physical, emotional, and spiritual transfiguration occurs ...

This is where you go from seeing yourself as fragmented to realizing that you are whole. You let go of the old patterns and choices that no longer support the real you. And you move from a state of dis-ease into a state of serenity and total wellness.

This healing consciousness is easier to reach than you might think. Especially when you let one of the most revered teachers and healers of our time guide you.

A groundbreaking program that can literally make
the difference between life and death

In this program, for the first time, Dr. Hawkins made all of his years of consciousness research practical when dealing with our most basic concerns: health, healing, and wellness.

But that's not all ...

He shows you how to alter what you hold in your mind - your expectations, your beliefs, your way of being with life - so you can get rid of things that have plagued you for a lifetime.

There is so much information in this program that it contains seven Audio Sessions rather than the standard six. As you go through the sessions, you'll discover:

  • A new paradigm for healing. Discover the common element for healing from all kinds of illnesses; a canceling exercise to get rid of a belief in a particular ailment or condition; the most common cause of all illnesses; why and how you should adopt a holistic approach to healing any dis-ease; and the first thing you should do when dealing with a life-threatening illness. Learn how to combine spiritual awareness with traditional treatment for optimal results, and much more.
  • How to lose weight in the easiest way. Discover a proven, practical way to let go of excess weight in about 90 minutes. It doesn't involve dieting, exercise, willpower, or any kind of suffering. Dr. Hawkins used it himself to lose 50 pounds!
  • Mind-blowing insights about the aging process. You'll learn how to change the programs and scripts that you hold in your mind about aging. Learn how to protect your mind from "buying into" everything it sees and hears. And change your mind about what your sense of personal value will be as you age.
  • How to turn major crises into acute gains. Discover the states you go through when facing a major crisis and how they relate to the Map of Consciousness. Learn why you should ignore your thoughts in a crisis and focus on the energy below them instead. Learn a short prayer you can say in the midst of a crisis (it has been calibrated to be uplifting and bring forth healing energy).
  • How to overcome depression. Learn what makes you vulnerable to depression and how to ultimately heal from it. Discover the differences between the precipitating events that cause depression in men compared with women. Discover how to find true meaning in your life when you're facing depression.
  • How to shift your paradigm on death and dying. Discover an exercise that helps you greatly reduce your fears about death. Learn a simple thing you can do every morning to help you gain a new perspective on dying. Learn why you can't live fully until you face your death.
  • And much more, including many practical exercises that help you quickly raise your energy frequency on the Map of Consciousness and move from a negative energy field into a positive one.

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I am absolutely THRILLED that we've published this extraordinary program. If you are open to becoming an active partner in your own healing journey, it can help you heal your emotions, your body, and your spirit. It might even help save your life!

I'd love for you to experience Healing for yourself. You take no risk to do so, and your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

Order right now and we will immediately ship you the full program. You'll get seven remarkable audio sessions, plus a calibration chart demonstrating how to do muscle testing. Doing this quick and easy test helps you decide whether a particular course of action is right for you to grow beyond the limitations of the present.

Since this is the latest material from one of our most popular authors, and it contains so much fresh material, we're expecting a tremendous demand for this program.

To make sure you don't have to wait, I suggest you order your copy right now by clicking on the link below.

As always, with all our CD programs, you can return the CD program for any reason and at any time during the next 90 days. We'll issue you a full refund of the purchase price or an even exchange, whichever you prefer.

I look forward to receiving your order, sending you this program, and hearing about your healing experiences.



Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

P.S. We tend to take a one-dimensional approach to healing. If we have a physical problem, we address the body. If it's mental, we treat the mind, and so on. But clinical results show that we get the maximum benefit from addressing three dimensions at once. In this groundbreaking program, Dr. Hawkins shows you how to achieve wellness by doing just that. Order your risk-free copy of Healing today!


Achieving Total Wellness Through Higher Level of Consciousness

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