Master these "Essential 8" disciplines and you will make your life EXTRAORDINARY!

This is truly an incredible program, 50 years in the making,
from 50 of the greatest minds of our time!

Hello Partner in Success,

I am so excited to announce that 50 of the greatest minds in personal development are giving you the “Essential 8” disciplines you'll need to cast your widest net possible and set yourself up to accomplish virtually anything you want.

And once you land these keepers, everything comes together. That’s when you feel complete. That’s when you stop thinking of what you can achieve next ...

... because your entire life becomes an extraordinary achievement.

Set yourself up to achieve far more.
Far more easily.

For more than 50 years, we've provided resources to help our customers improve their lives.

To celebrate that legacy, we're giving you a unique opportunity to hear from 50 great minds who will help you master the Essential 8 disciplines:

  • Confidence: Gain it, and it practically carries you to your goals
  • Passion: It separates the ordinary from the extraordinary
  • Discipline: Those who have it live better
  • Teamwork: Greases your path to excellence
  • Time Management: Get more done in half the time
  • Character: Who you are determines what you become
  • Communication: The right words translate to an incredible life
  • Giving: As Zig Ziglar says, "You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."

These eight disciplines build on one another to help you form a complete life that's nothing short of extraordinary. Because once you focus on these disciplines, your goals of wealth, health, leadership, and family are achieved ... one after another.

We've packaged these Essential 8 disciplines - PLUS a host of other life-enhancing ideas, strategies, and insights from our leading authors - in what will soon become your most treasured program.

We call it The Personal Insight Library: Remarkable Perspectives Designed to Make Your Life Extraordinary.

You'll call it 12 of the most listened to audio program in your car and home!

An opportunity
50 years and 50 minds in the making!

Imagine having a golden ticket to the greatest personal development event of your generation. And you can use it any day and any time you choose.

You enter and sit front-row center. Without a warm-up act or filler of any kind, Anthony Robbins suddenly appears on stage. Every sentence he speaks is pure gold. He reveals the answer to the one question that changed his life and will also change yours.

And as soon as you jot down a few notes, he exits the stage and tosses the microphone to Stephen Covey. Again, Dr. Covey wastes no time and delivers only his best strategies and philosophies. He knows your time is valuable.

And just when you are at the edge of your seat wanting more, he exits stage left. Before you have time to applaud, Dr. Wayne Dyer delivers a touching anecdote that changes your perspective on life.

For hours, one success legend after another shares his or her most coveted success secrets, key ideas, strategies, and action plans! Each boiling down sold-out appearances to the five or six minutes that most impact your life.

Jack Canfield, Harvey Mackay, Mark Victor Hansen. Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, David Bach. And dozens more! Interviews. Live appearances. Memorable life lessons. These 50 legends hold nothing back.

It's true. Your golden ticket DOES exist.

With The Personal Insight Library, you can listen to all 50 experts and authors anytime you want as they present hundreds of ideas to bolster your Essential 8 disciplines and MORE!

Yes, I want to make my life EXTRAORDINARY!

Behold, the virtual
'CliffsNotes' of Achievement

Throughout these 12 sessions, you'll listen to ideas as fresh and powerful as they are timeless and eternal.

Among the hundred or so solid ideas from the first six sessions, you'll learn the following:

Session 1: Confidence
Featuring Earl Nightingale, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Howard Martin, Jack Canfield, Harvey Mackay

Brian Tracy: Since the beginning of time, it's done more harm to individuals and societies than all the plagues in history. Brian teaches you how to enhance your life simply by sidestepping this one landmine.

Howard Martin:  Is the path you're on right now the right one? You'll find inspiration from this incredible but true story.

Session 2: Passion
Featuring Earl Nightingale, Anthony Robbins, Mary Kay Ash, Robert Allen, Steven K. Scott, Roger Love

Anthony Robbins: Years ago, Anthony asked himself a single question that shaped who he's become. No doubt it will impact your life as well!

Robert Allen: Discover a simple 3-step system that uncovers your true purpose in life. It's a critical key to living a focused, successful, passionate life.

Session 3: Discipline
Featuring Earl Nightingale, John Abdo, Kerry Johnson, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Charles Faulkner

John Abdo: In session 3, John reveals 6 simple words that change how you become disciplined ... and the results you get!

Charles Faulkner:  Are you motivated by pleasure or pain? Your answer is the key that unlocks your ability to accomplish even more.

Session 4: Teamwork
Featuring Earl Nightingale, Jim Kouzes, Harvey Mackay, John Maxwell, Doug Jones, Charles Faulkner

Charles Faulkner: Get ready to learn one of the most important skills in human behavior. Master it, and you'll easily thrive in any endeavor.

Earl Nightingale: Earl shares his formula for a blissful, lifelong marriage. Start connecting on a deeper level with your significant other.

Session 5: Time Management
Featuring Earl Nightingale, Richard Koch, Steve Jones, Rick Ott, Richard Carlson, David Allen

Richard Koch: In mere minutes, Richard teaches you how to use the 80/20 Principle to get considerably more done at work and at home.

Rick Ott: This one simple performance technique increases your productivity and maximizes your free time, all while doubling your pleasure.

Session 6: Health, Wealth, and Wisdom
Featuring Earl Nightingale, Gary Null, Win Wenger, David Bach, Robert Allen & Mark Victor Hansen

Win Wenger: How long can you hold your breath? 30 seconds? A minute or more? It may say little about the shape you're in but reveals worlds about exactly how far you'll go in life.

David Bach: There's one vice most all of us are guilty of that may sabotage the wealth you build. You'll take notes furiously as he reveals the one secret that surpasses all when it comes to building wealth.

Created with your dreams in mind.
Because it was 'created' by YOU.

Before we put The Personal Insight Library together, we collaborated with the very people who know what it takes to achieve - YOU, our customers.

And you voiced your ideas and preferences loudly and passionately. We packed this program full of the content you wanted and the authors and experts you wanted to learn from.

Below are just a few more of the inspiring and idea-rich segments found throughout Nightingale-Conant's first audio program created by you ... for you.

Session 7: Leadership
Featuring Earl Nightingale, Warren Bennis & Robert Townsend, Jim Rohn, Tony Alessandra, Denis Waitley, Eric Gordon

Earl Nightingale: Do you possess the 7 essential qualities of a leader? Take Earl's simple leadership test and find out.

Denis Waitley:  Once you do this ONE easy thing, you grease the hinges on the door to success. Suddenly it opens wide for you.

Session 8: Character
Featuring Earl Nightingale, Tom Morris, Jim Kouzes, Stephen Covey, Zig Ziglar, Joe Caruso

Joe Caruso: Joe shares a powerful belief-surrendering technique that enabled him to become one of the first people to survive an advanced and incurable cancer.

Session 9: Communication
Featuring Earl Nightingale, James Van Fleet, Nido Qubein, Peter Thomson, Paul McKenna & Michael Breen, Doug Hall

James Van Fleet: Your first few words are more important than your next thousand! Here are sound tips for making a masterful first impression.

Peter Thomson: Getting what you want when you want it is all about mastering the power of persuasion. Peter Thomson ignites your ability to persuade others in every facet of your life.

Session 10: The Power of Giving
Featuring Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, David Bach, Sir John Templeton, Maggie Hock

David Bach: Learn the powerful story of a man who earned just $50 a month - and gave away half of it every month! Did he squander every penny? Just the opposite ... he became one of the richest men who ever lived. How'd he do it?

Session 11: Family
Featuring Earl Nightingale, Peter Favaro, Morton & Marjorie Shaevitz, Bill Staton, Denis Waitley, Mark Victor Hansen, John Powers

Peter Favaro: Adopt these practical parenting tips, and you'll have the most honest children, who grow to be reliable, hard-working adults.

Session 12: Wealth
Featuring Earl Nightingale, Martin Fridson, Robert Allen & Mark Victor Hansen, John Wasik, Bill Staton, Mike Summey & Roger Dawson

Bill Staton: Go inside the amazing but true story of a blue-collar American who never made more than $14,000 A YEAR, yet retired with $70,000,000! No, he wasn't a lottery winner or heir to a fortune. He's an average "Joe." Bill Staton reveals this shocking formula so you can follow in his footsteps.

Martin Fridson: If you can answer these 3 questions, you can't help but become a millionaire. If you answer the questions correctly multiple times, your entire family can be set for life.

For over 50 years, our goal has been to help people like you reach all of your goals. That makes The Personal Insight Library a win-win for all of us.


Vic Conant - Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

The Personal Insight Library

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