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Dear Friend,

It's time you re-think the results you expect from your current or future business.

While most businesses today seem content in growing by 2%, 3%, or 5% a year, some in-the-know business owners are essentially reshaping their business each and every year — growing by 20%, 30%, 50% and MORE!

Consider these companies that Forbes magazine has listed as America’s Fastest-Growing Tech Companies. Each has achieved exceptional sales growth over the past three years.

Grubhub has seen a three-year average sales growth of 66%, Aresta Networks averaged 63%, and Veeva Systems averaged 47%. These are just a few of the outstanding companies booming in today’s economy.

I know firsthand that people all over the world are seeing blockbuster sales, revenue, and profits.

So how are these businesses experiencing exponential growth while the rest of the world works like mad to squeeze out a 2% gain — or just break even?

Do they have the world's greatest products and services? Not necessarily.

Do they employ the world's smartest business people? Nope.

The answer lies in four simple words that any business — including yours — can introduce and start realizing extraordinary results. FAST!

Those four words: Predictable Super Growth Systems.

With the right Predictable Super Growth Systems in place, your business runs FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT, and MORE PROFITABLE than ever before.

You power up your computer. With a few clicks, the performance of your entire business stares back at you. 38 more online leads since this morning. Not bad. And 17 referrals from your best customers. Free business!

Social media has netted $80,000 in new business since Monday. And your sales and promotion funnel has 640 new customers for the week.

Sales are up… HUGE! 20% higher than last month. 40% higher than last year. With a couple more clicks, you see all marketing, lead generation, social media, and referral systems are working perfectly. No touch, no fuss.

You shut down the computer. After all, you're the business owner. And you're on vacation at a tropical beach with your family for two weeks… all while your business continues to rake in more profits than ever before.

This isn't dream expectations or hyperbole. By implementing a few simple Super Growth Systems in their businesses, people are transforming their businesses into rewarding, profitable, sales machines.

Stay with me and you too can learn how to…

Start running your business like a
Fast, Efficient, and Smooth-Running
High Speed Train

Most businesses today run like a Greyhound bus.

You slowly start heading to your first goal. Then you stop. And have to start again — often in an entirely different direction.

Maybe you create a marketing campaign that generates leads. You roll along, but when the leads dry up, you stop. Then you scramble to create another campaign to bring in more leads. Start, stop. Start, stop.

The net result: Average sales… costly marketing budgets… valuable time wasted. Not to mention never-ending stress by wondering if you will make your sales numbers this month, next month… EVERY month.

Then, there's today's NEW breed of business — the Eurail High Speed Train that covers great distances at breakneck speeds of 155 miles per hour! Businesses that run Predictable Super Growth Systems operate with this kind of speed, efficiency, and results.

Because there's no stopping and starting… because there's little expense and less time demands… because you simply set it, forget it, and watch the impressive leads, sales, and profits roll in… this new breed of business is re-defining expectations and business growth.

Start generating an avalanche of
cash, customers, and confidence

The day you flip the switch to activate your Predictable Super Growth Systems, your business will never be the same. You'll suddenly gain a crystal clear picture of where your business is now and where it's soon headed.

You'll also gain these profit-enhancing benefits:

  • LEAD GENERATION: Stop chasing leads… Clients and customers line up to buy from you thanks to magnetic lead generation systems that work 24/7.
  • MAXIMUM REFERRALS: Your customers become your best salespeople… Continually bringing more qualified prospects right to your business.
  • EFFECTIVE SALES FUNNEL: Add exponentially more profits to your bottom line with a predictable system that turns prospects into repeat customers.
  • PASSIVE INCOME: Once you set up your systems, your marketing will bring in money whether you're working or not… for LIFE!

Introducing the last marketing, sales,
and business-boosting system you'll ever need

My name is Fabrice Beillard. My clients often refer to me as an internationally acclaimed entrepreneur, business coach, speaker, author, and corporate trainer. But I see myself as just an average guy with a perpetual passion for marketing, sales, and business.

Through that passion, I've spent decades testing every new marketing and sales strategy I came across. As a result of learning what truly drives business growth (and what rarely works), I began to apply my most proven tactics to my own business. In less than 12 months — on a very limited marketing budget — I was able to create enough passive income to retire with my first business!

But I didn't want to retire. Rather, I wanted to share what I learned with other business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs. As a result, I've had the privilege to analyze and improve many businesses around the globe, from start-ups to large multinational corporations. In fact, I was even fortunate to help grow a business from $2 million in revenue to about $40 million in just a few years — A 1900% INCREASE!

Over the years, I've had the honor of sharing the stage with world-renowned speakers, such as Bill Walsh, Mark Victor Hansen, Gerry Roberts, and many more. Also, companies that endorse Richard Branson, Harv Eker, and other business and personal development leaders often promote my business-accelerating services as well.

For the first time ever — but for a very limited time — I'm prepared to share my complete winning playbook in this home study video course available exclusively at Nightingale-Conant. In this video course, I'm handing you my top strategies, tactics, and systems that are most effective to grow your business.

Announcing my most complete business-accelerating program: The Business Super Growth System: Where Your Dream Lifestyle & Passion Meet Extraordinary Wealth!

In the 12 concise and practical DVDs, 4 Bonus Audio CDs, and Writable Workbooks and Business Templates contained in The Business Super Growth System, you'll have everything you need to enjoy sustained and predictable growth without having to add to your workload.

How these ideas changed businesses worldwide

Achieved a 15% profit growth
"Hi, I am the owner of a Vintage Clothing ecommerce store… [Fabrice's course] has allowed me to set clear goals, and identify key areas of weakness and strength in my business. One month after the course, I have already achieved a 15% profit growth in sales."

- Janice

Business tripled in less than one year
"If you don't know what your goals are, Fabrice will guide you the way forward. If you don't know how to achieve your goals, Fabrice will guide you to the straight pathway. So simple."

- Tamara

An extra $20,000 in 7 days...
"I wanted to write something amazing because you are, and the whole experience has been. I will just state some of my recent achievements: after attending a three day seminar with Fabrice, I was able to earn an extra $20,000 from my business within less then 7 days of completing the course. I have also achieved some major goals in less than one month that I had been waiting on for up to 5 years."

- Julie S
Food Retail

A threefold increase in online traffic and more inquiries…
"My business gets great results, starting with a threefold increase in my online traffic and a spike in inquiries. Thank you for your assistance Fabrice."

- Emiliano
Fitness Training

Massively improve most businesses' profits… and mine!
"[Fabrice] showed me some simple inexpensive ways to massively improve most businesses' profits — and mine, I consider myself a pretty savvy guy, Well, this guy nailed a couple points I thought I knew, but did not really realize to which extent they could really transform everything… all of you to benefit from that as well so you can get your business to the next level"

- Marco
Multi-Million Dollar Business Owner & Global Expert

Clients will come…
"What you told me that all of sudden clients will come. It is happening now and I am happier than a pig in mud."

- Charles R

"You Don't Know What You Don't Know"

The real key to my clients' success, as well as my own, isn't in the strategies and secrets that we knew… it's what we DIDN'T KNOW — or did not have the right tools to apply and measure. Every day, I strive to learn more about how best to attract customers, generate leads, close sales, and grow my business.

I challenge you to adopt that same hunger for new ideas and new solutions. There's nothing that will grow your business faster. Promise. Below are just a few ideas in this program that you may not have known yesterday, but will transform your business tomorrow…

Use the 'Push-Pull Technique' to Attract More Customers Two Ways to increase Revenue in your business - play video
  • Get a CRYSTAL CLEAR PICTURE of where your business is today, where it will be in 30 days, 100 days, 12 months, 5 years, and 10 years! You'll know more about your business, your income, and yourself than ever before! (DVD 4)
  • Discover the 3 CRITICAL SKILLS you need to run a profitable business. Without this third skill, it's impossible to survive — Thankfully most of my Super Growth System is dedicated to making you an EXPERT at this skill! (DVD 2)
  • Turn your customers into REFERRAL GENERATORS, and literally double your sales! The Super Growth Blueprint talks about implementing this free marketing strategy to exponentially grow your business. (DVD 9)
  • Create and hit ALL REVENUE TARGETS with the Super Growth budget spreadsheet. Using Key Performance Indicators, you'll know your precise number of leads and sales while your revenue, costs, and profits become surprisingly predictable and accurate! (DVD 11)
  • Turn your website into a 24/7 QUALIFIED LEAD GENERATOR! Learn today's most effective secrets to drive maximum high quality traffic to your site — then convert them to quality leads (or even sales) with simple website enhancements! (DVD 7)
  • Discover how to build an AUTOMATED MARKETING MACHINE to turn prospects into customers. 80% of your business should be marketing and selling — But add the Super Growth Marketing System, and you spend only a fraction of that time marketing. (DVD 6)
  • Learn how to get up to 80% MORE DONE! While most business owners may think they are maximizing their time, you'll be accomplishing more in one day than most do in one week! (DVD 1)
  • Gain a CLEAR PICTURE of all your business finances. Better understand and better control your expenses and your revenue to ensure upward long-term growth. (DVD 10)
  • Completely avoid this ALL-TOO-COMMON MENTAL TRAP that delays and then sinks most startup and growth-phase businesses. By sidestepping this business landmine, you'll gain considerable confidence… then considerable profits! (DVD 1)
  • Learn about generating PASSIVE INCOME for LIFE! Whether you're on vacation, sleeping, or working on another business, money will automatically come your way. (DVD 2)
  • Benefit from what some are calling "The most powerful goal setting tool since Zig Ziglar's formula." If you've ever set sales or revenue goals that you didn't hit, switch to the Super Growth Goal-Setting System and EXPECT to reach every goal! (DVD 4)
  • If you're not using SOCIAL MEDIA to generate considerable leads, sales, and revenue, you're leaving money on the table! Learn the right way to build lucrative relationships, nurture leads, and close sales on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more! (DVD 7)
  • Gain the "Insider's Advantage" to PERFECTLY TIME your market! If you're too early in the market, you'll spend countless time and money educating your prospects. Too late… too few buyers. Timing the market is like Apple's breakout year with the iPad! (DVD 2)
  • Focus on just THESE 3 IMPORTANT AREAS each day and it's impossible not to see substantial (and immediate) business growth! Most businesses ignore this last tenet — make it a daily goal, and customers will gladly pay more to do business with you! Promise. (DVD 4)
  • Do you know the LIFETIME VALUE of your customers? You will! Learn the simple formula to know precisely how much revenue your customers bring to your business. Hint: It's MORE than you think! (DVD 5)
  • Is your business the GO-TO EXPERT for your industry? It can be! You'll learn how to quickly position your business as THE authority. When that happens, people beat a path to your door! (DVD 5)
  • Start creating MAGNETIC APPEAL simply through your clear and powerful message. From your business cards to your tagline to your elevator pitch, you'll start attracting prospects to you rather than spending countless dollars and time chasing them down! (DVD 5)
  • Avoid the #1 MISTAKE that most business owners fail to do! Start today, and it will quickly become your most lucrative asset — bringing in countless new sales, referral customers, and long-term growth! (DVD 6)
  • Discover the NEWEST TECHNOLOGY MARKETING that converts 26% MORE than email marketing! So few businesses are using this effectively (if at all), but the ones who do are re-focusing their entire marketing plans around this lead magnet. (DVD 7)
  • Ignore this ONE CRUCIAL BUSINESS SUCCESS STEP, and it's like flying your business blind! But spend less than an hour to create it, and your business can start running on autopilot! (DVD 4)
  • Create an OFFLINE LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM that delivers dozens of hungry buyers around the clock! From at least 10 sources or more, new prospects will land in your lap. When's it start? Soon. When's it stop? Never! (DVD 8)
  • Create a SALES AND PROMOTION FUNNEL that can add exponentially more profit to your bottom line growth! It starts with a Lead Generation Funnel, then a Products Funnel, a Turnover Funnel, and lastly a Referral Funnel. Set it, forget it, and reap the revenue! (DVD 9)

Let me walk you through what you
can realistically expect in your business

What this Home Study Program is NOT…

  • It is NOT full of theoretical concepts, philosophies, and "fluff".
  • It is NOT a motivational course that energizes you to succeed in business.
  • It is NOT designed to change your business without you making the effort.

What this Home Study Program IS…

  • A step-by-step plan to take your marketing, sales, and business to the next level
  • A shortcut to your most streamlined and productive business, saving you thousands of hours of trial and error
  • A collection of countless proven ideas and systems you can start implementing in your business Day One
  • A proven source for business owners, executives, and managers who are ready to experience significant change
  • A home study program you can use to grow any offline or online business… in any country and any economy

Everyone who has watched my Business Super Growth System home study video program is impressed with the volume of new ideas and proven business accelerators.

However, I must warn you — my Predictable Super Growth Blueprint is only as effective as your ability to implement them. Here's my suggestion for achieving maximum results with my program:

The first couple of DVDs will give you the clearest picture of where your business — or soon-to-be business — stands now. As soon as you do the recommended exercises, you'll know what you can realistically expect for growth in the next few months to the next few years. This is the foundation for your business… it's critical to your future success.

The next couple of DVDs will re-define how you communicate and attract future prospects and customers. Now it gets fun! This is where you create a marketing plan that runs automatically to promote your value to prospects and to bring customers right to you.

Now you're ready to generate leads. I present today's most effective solutions to deliver a steady stream of qualified prospects to you, both online and offline. These DVDs alone can transform your business.

But what good are leads and prospects if you can't turn them into customers. This next DVD focuses on the tools and strategies you need to SELL, SELL, SELL!

Lastly, because it's all about the revenue, profits, and your income, I devote a couple of DVDs to ensure you know everything you need to know about finance and maintaining a profitable business. I even include Bonus Finance Templates!

The Business Super Growth System

Yes! I want to experience record-breaking business growth by implementing Predictable Super Growth Systems and generating a continuous stream of sales, leads, and referrals — fast, cheap, and easily!

Please send me Fabrice Beillard's 12-DVD video home study program The Business Super Growth System, plus the 4 Bonus Audio CDs, Writable Workbooks, and Bonus Business Templates for the limited-time, low introductory price of ONLY $129.95 which is A FULL 85% SAVINGS $770.00 OFF — the regular retail price of $899.95.

GUARANTEE: If I'm not able to start changing my business, my sales, my profits, and my income in the next 30 days, I will return the program for a full refund. No questions asked.

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I'm rewarding action-takers!
SAVE 85% with our limited-time introductory price…
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I'm constantly traveling from San Francisco to China to Australia and to Europe to conduct seminars where I reveal much of what I cover in The Business Super Growth System.

How much do I charge for these events? Up to $2,500 in U.S. dollars! And yet, many are still willing to pay because they know they'll quickly recoup the costs when they implement what I teach them.

Yet, there's just one of me. And there are many thousands of business owners who need to introduce Predictable Super Growth Systems in their business. So, I set out to make my home study DVD program accessible and affordable for everyone who wants it.

After evaluating all of the time and effort I put into this program, all of the years of learning the world's most effective marketing and business-enhancing systems, and after realizing all of the substantial value in this home study course (12 DVDs, 4 Bonus Audio CDs, and Writable Workbooks and Business Templates), I figured $899.95 was a very fair price.

After all, these are the same business secrets I share with my highest paying clients who routinely — and gladly — pay $50K to work with me.

But, in a meeting with Vic Conant, something changed. Because I've been fortunate to build a highly profitable business and achieve my desired level of wealth, I've come to a point in my life where money isn't as important. Affecting peoples' lives is more important.

So, rather than selling this home study course at its real value — $899.95 — I decided that I wanted these ideas and this opportunity in the hands of as many business owners as possible.

"How low do you want to go, Fabrice?" Vic asked me. "$699? $499? Maybe $299?"

I thought about it a long time. My logical brain wanted to make sure I at least covered my costs. But it was my heart that spoke up that day:

"$129.95. Yes, that's it! I want every business owner, every entrepreneur, and every sales and marketing manager to have the chance to impact his or her business like never before. Yes, $129.95!"

Nightingale-Conant routinely gives their customers great discounts. But I don't believe they've ever come 85% OFF their retail price. Today they are — But, I'm told it can't last long. The price for The Business Super Growth System will increase sharply soon.

Rest assured, you can return The Business Super Growth System anytime and for any reason within 30 days for a full refund. No questions asked!

Your Price Today: $129.95

Just imagine: In just a few months, you could…

  • No longer have to chase new leads, prospects, and customers… because they'll be calling, emailing, and ordering from you.
  • No longer have to wonder what your revenue and profits will be tomorrow, next week, and next month… because you'll have the clearest picture of your business and its expectations.
  • No longer jump from one subpar marketing campaign to another… because you'll have the systems that generate business 24/7.
  • No longer have to work long hours, sacrifice weekends and holidays… because your systems will ensure you can have the freedom to excel in your personal life as well.

Start building the business of your dreams! Go ahead and order the multi-DVD, multi-CD, and multi-workbook home study program: The Business Super Growth System.

There's zero risk. Do yourself and your loved ones a favor. This is a program valued at $899.95 being offered at a low introductory price of just $129.95 — A FULL 85% OFF!

You already know you will get the same results by operating your business as you always have. Why not try something different. Something new and bold. And transform your results!


Fabrice Beillard
International business coach and friend

P.S. This offer will not be around forever, and this introductory price will increase very soon. The keys to your new profitable, low-stress and highly efficient business are in your hands. All it takes is one click to get you started in building the business that rewards you with a celebrity lifestyle. Order today and change your business in the coming weeks, months, and years!

The Business Super Growth System

Yes! I want to experience record-breaking business growth by implementing Predictable Super Growth Systems and generating a continuous stream of sales, leads, and referrals — fast, cheap, and easily!

Please send me Fabrice Beillard's 12-DVD video home study program The Business Super Growth System, plus the 4 Bonus Audio CDs, Writable Workbooks, and Bonus Business Templates for the limited-time, low introductory price of ONLY $129.95 which is A FULL 85% SAVINGS $770.00 OFF — the regular retail price of $899.95.

GUARANTEE: If I'm not able to start changing my business, my sales, my profits, and my income in the next 30 days, I will return the program for a full refund. No questions asked.

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