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If knee pain is robbing you of
life’s greatest pleasures…

You can finally get rapid and permanent relief with a NEW “Blueprint for Better Knees” holistic solution created by a 30-year practicing orthopedic surgeon.

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Dear Knee Pain Sufferer,

What would you give to be able to wake each morning without that nagging knee pain?

To take long walks with your spouse with a full smile on your face.
To squat and pick up your grandchild or play outdoors with your kids.
To exercise, mow the grass, swim at the beach, have sex, or just live every single day…

Without even thinking about your knees.

Because with every bend, stretch or movement, your knees feel like they did when you were 20 years younger! How your knees are supposed to feel — like nothing — simply working pain free no matter what you do.

But is there truly hope for
MY specific knee problems?


Over 5 million people will seek care from a doctor for knee pain this year. And of those 5 to 10 million knees, a majority of those pains and problems are unique to the individual.

Make no mistake, your knees, your pain, and your remedies are unique to you. Your past experiences and injuries, your physical knee structure, and your habits and lifestyle make your knee problems one-of-a-kind.

Yet, like all of us, I’m sure you’ve scoured the Internet in search for remedies for your specific knee pain. A quick Google search yields 40,500,000 results for the term “knee pain”. But the large majority of that information:

  • Doesn’t apply to your specific knee problems
  • Doesn't reveal the risks, side effects or complications
  • And doesn’t share how well it’s worked on people just like you

If you’ve been to a doctor about your knees and were disappointed with the lack of improvement…

If you’re considering knee surgery, but have doubts and fears about the risks, money, and prolonged healing time…

If you’ve endured knee surgery, but you’re still waiting for the “promise” of better knees, I have some good news for you.

I’m about to teach you how to be a genuine partner with your doctor to achieve less knee pain, better knee function, better mobility, and overall a better life.

But first, allow me to share with you my life-changing story that may actually change your life as well.

How my personal story
makes YOU an expert to treat your knees.

My name is Dr. Richard Banks. I am a practicing board certified orthopedic surgeon with more than 30 years of experience in treating many thousands of patients with knee pain.

Like most doctors, I always prided myself on trying to understand and empathize with every person who came to me with knee pain problems. I always tried to put myself in their shoes. Until one day when I found myself in their shoes.

It was a Monday morning like any other. I had just completed a knee surgery on a young lady and was walking briskly to the outpatient area to tell the family the good news.

Unknown to me, the floor had just been power waxed and was as slick as wet ice. Before I could catch myself, I gracefully went flying heels over head toward the concrete floor. The second I landed, I instantly knew it was bad. Really bad.

I can still remember the feeling and sound of ripping, tearing, and popping. I instantly grew a cantaloupe under the skin of my knee. I knew instinctively that the x-rays and exam would reveal that I would need immediate knee surgery.

“Knee.” “Surgery.” As soon as my colleague said those words, my mind simply blurred, and I didn’t hear another word.

Rather, I thought to myself: “How will I handle all the patient surgeries I have scheduled? How will I get through the Holidays? And entertain the kids? How long will I be out of work? How will I throw the ball with my grandkid? How will I drive? Make dinner? Make love? How will this 3-second fall affect the rest of my life?”

Suddenly, I was just like every patient I had ever seen. Experiencing their same pains. Their same fears. Their same questions. Their same doubts.

Then I realized I was wrong. I’m NOT like all of my patients. Rather, I have a real advantage over each of them. I am thankful to have all of my education, training, and experience to help me succeed in my current situation.

While you may know very little about your specific knee issues and how to alleviate the pain, I have 30 years of hands-on knowledge.

That’s precisely when I knew I had to pass that knowledge on to others with knee problems. So you too can confidently make the RIGHT decisions to…

Achieve less knee pain, better knee function,
better mobility, and overall a better life.

That life lesson allowed me to better understand how you feel with your own knee issues. You probably feel frustrated by the lack of improvement and pain relief. You feel overwhelmed by the options of treatments and confused about which ones may help and which may hurt. And you feel fearful about choosing a remedy that may be too aggressive and fearful about choosing one that’s ineffective.

Today I want to arm you with everything you NEED to know about caring for and treating your knee pain (without any of the information you DON’T NEED to know).

It’s the culmination of 30 years of discussing knee problems with patients; prescribing treatments, medicine, and advice to alleviate knee pain; performing physical therapy to improve knee function; and performing minor and major knee surgeries to put an end to knee pain.

It’s my great honor to present my first Nightingale-Conant audio program Better Knees, Better Life! 4 Easy Steps to Conquer Your Knee Pain, Refresh Your Soul, and Live Life to the Fullest!

This audio program coupled with my writable PDF Workbook becomes your ideal blueprint for maximizing your enjoyment of life with healthier knees.

Through this multimedia program consisting of 7 CDs and the Better Knees, Better Life Writable PDF Workbook, you’ll learn how to get your life back by minimizing or eliminating your painful knees.

Once you complete my 4 easy steps,
you should start to enjoy
millions of pain-free steps yourself

The following 4-steps which you’ll learn in my program are a result of decades of education, training, and practicing orthopedic surgery. Yet, I make the steps simple, straightforward and easy to apply.

Step 1: What Do I Really Want?
Throughout this step, you will find your BIG WHY. This is your principal reason for wanting to live without knee pain. I’ll walk you through all the introspective questions you must ask yourself. At the end of this step, you’ll have an unrelenting passion to heal like never before.

Step 2: Where Am I Now?
It’s time for you to know more about your knee, your pain, and your options. This eye-opening step will present everything you must know about your physical anatomy and get you up to speed about your knee’s history. Working with your doctor as a true partner, which you’ll learn in this program, you’ll get a real world perspective about your physical exam and which tests could help you most. Then, from your doctor, you’ll obtain a genuine diagnosis.

Step 3: How Do I Get What I Want?
In this step, you design and implement the plans to get you from where you are to where you want to be. You’ll discover every possible treatment option, including surgical options and non-surgical ones. You will discover one vital secret in this step that applies to every decision you will ever make about any diagnosis, testing, and treatment for the rest of your life.

Step 4: How Can I Supercharge My Results
The most important step in the program, these are the secrets your doctor won’t share with you that will go far to silencing your knee pain. This is my most potent, and effective step as you’ll learn proven treatments you can do anytime and anywhere. You’ll learn how to impact your body’s oxygenation, avoid excess oxidation from inflammation, improve hydration and circulation, strengthen every tissue in and around your knee, and look at the better knees nutrition plan.

Once you activate all 4 steps, you’ll take a giant (pain free) leap to a life of comfort. Where you — not your knees — are in control.

Yes, I want to take back my life by reducing or eliminating my knee pain for good. I can order this audio program at a limited-time discounted price.


My professional advice has helped
thousands live pain-free.
Now it’s YOUR turn.

Climb aboard this journey that will bring you comfort, laughter, inspiration, and healing.

From the first word forward, this physical, mental, and spiritual healing program is chockfull of life-changing advice. And I am not talking about theoretical or experimental advice. This is a real world program, developed for real patients by treating real patients, with real world results.

Throughout these 7 CDs, you’ll discover:

  • Non-surgical remedies you can try from day one. This program is packed with education about remedies, treatments, medicines, therapies, and habits that will alleviate your pain or erase it completely.
  • How to get the absolute most benefit from every doctor visit. An average doctor consult is only 12 to 15 minutes in length and costs between $200 and $300. Maximize your time investment while minimizing your financial investment.
  • How to confidently communicate with your doctor. Learn to better understand your knees, your symptoms, and your goals while you also better understand your diagnosis and best options.
  • Learn more about knees and your knee pain than 90% of the world. Better understand everything from your knee’s history to your physical exams to testing and treatments and the pros and cons of surgery.
  • Foods you should absolute avoid that will increase inflammation in your knees. Plus, you’ll learn the foods that can significantly reduce inflammation. Eat them daily for remarkable results.
  • Who your “Little Angels” are and what life lessons they will bring to you. My “Little Angels” are the reason behind most all of my triumphs. I’m not sure what I would do without them. This powerhouse secret alone justifies getting the program.
  • Why simply drinking water is NOT enough. Do you drink the recommended 8-10 glasses of water a day? You may need to supplement your water intake with THIS.
  • Why oxygenation can prove to be a huge relief for knee pain. This do-anywhere, do-anytime remedy takes just seconds, but with real-patient results.
  • Which medicines are most effective and which rarely work. From the least risk option to the highest risk, I reveal which remedies you should try first, second, third, and more.
  • The REAL pros and cons of knee surgery. When going under the knife (or scope), you need to better understand what can be expected. Many of my patients have had better results WITHOUT costly and risky surgery.
  • And much more real-world, proven advice to help you live pain-free!

This doctor offers a No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee.

Imagine going to your doctor and she tells you, “If this remedy doesn’t work, don’t worry. We will gladly refund all your money.”

Never in a million years.

However, that’s precisely what I’m offering to you. A no-risk money-back guarantee. Think of my audio program as the most complete education from a doctor you’ll ever have. Over forty years of education, training, experience, and perspective all there for you to use for your own benefit.

Then you have 30 full days to try them all. Start with the action steps with the least risk. Try each one. See if it works for you. Then move on to the next step if you don’t see the results. I’m confident you WILL experience less knee pain just as many of my patients have.

However, if you try my complete 4-step blueprint, in collaboration with your own doctor, and don’t receive the knee pain relief you want, simply return it to Nightingale-Conant within 30 days.

You literally have nothing to lose except stubborn knee pain.

Start changing.
Start healing. Start living.

One of my favorite quotes is from one of my dear friends and mentor, Dr. Nido Qubein. As a Nightingale-Conant customer, you’re probably familiar with his works. He is president of High Point University and Chairman of The Great Harvest Bread Company.

Dr. Qubein said, “When the pain of the same becomes greater than the pain of change, then we change.”

In other words, most people will stay in their same old routine and rut until it becomes so unbearable that it is less painful to change than remain where they are. Only then will they change.

Is that how you’re approaching your knee pain? Are you waiting to seek treatment until it hurts too much to do all of the things you love?

As a practicing orthopedic surgeon for more than 30 years, my advice is to NEVER wait. An inconvenience today will grow to become a life-long sentence of sore knees before you know it. Then your soreness becomes real pain. Then, little by little, you begin sacrificing parts of your life… until you’re literally living half a life.

Make it a point to start educating, start changing and start healing today.

Dr. Richard Banks,
30-Year Orthopedic Surgeon
Author of Better Knees, Better Life!

P.S. The time I love my career the most is when I see my old patients and how they’ve grown. From hobbling into my office and grimacing in pain with a hopeless look on their face just a few weeks ago to walking tall with a huge smile on their face today.

While it may be your knees you’re trying to improve, the results have far-reaching effects — touching your confidence, energy, happiness, and even improving your relationships with your loved ones. Reclaim your knees, Reclaim your life!

Better Knees, Better Life! 4 Easy Steps to Conquer Your Knee Pain, Refresh Your Soul, and Live Life to the Fullest!

Yes, I want to get my FULL life back by controlling or eliminating my knee pain for good.

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My order today is completely RISK-FREE! If I am not completely happy with the blueprint, I can return the program any time within 30 DAYS for a full refund of the program price - no questions asked!

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