Easily master this vital skill and gain:

  • Instant respect and admiration
  • Preferential treatment by everyone
  • Career opportunities
  • New friends and acquaintances who want to help you succeed

Dear Friend,

How much richer and rewarding would your life be if you were to experience a strong and uplifting connection with nearly everyone you met? It would make a dramatic, unparalleled difference.

Most people don’t openly admit that great relationships are flat out the most important thing in life.

Yet, it’s easy to find ourselves in a cautious mode with people outside our core family and friends.

Every dollar you earn, every great memory you have, every opportunity you come across happens because of other people.

I don’t care how young or old you are, honing your people skills is the most powerful, life-changing skill you'll ever learn. Discovering these secrets not only improves one area of your life — it improves multiple areas of your life.

I’m sure at one time or another, you've found yourself talking for the first time to someone. There you are talking and you feel great rapport with this person; you find yourself totally absorbed in the conversation… in the moment. Your breathing slows down, you feel at ease and relaxed, the person has your complete attention, and you have theirs.

It's an incredible connection. You feel as if this person really understands you, almost as if you are long-lost friends reconnecting after 20 years. You listen and hear every word. You say something and there's instant understanding. It's almost as if time is slowing down and you are feeling a type of friendship and respect that is beyond words. That’s the way it should and could be with everyone you meet!

Why? Let me explain the magnificent return when you engage people at that level.

Discover the Power of Social Intelligence

How do you think people who never went to college became millionaires? Experience? Education?

Neither. What it comes down to is social intelligence. When you have a high level of it, you can:

  • Get preferential treatment, whether you're traveling, working, socializing, or buying something.
  • Establish instant rapport with other people, even total strangers, and learn how to control their attitude, emotions, and actions.
  • Deepen your rapport with your family and friends, and experience profound emotional fulfillment.
  • Correct the behavior of a co-worker, friend, or family member without causing resentment.
  • Deal with difficult or angry people (all you have to do is listen, and then ask one important question).
  • Get yourself noticed, stand out from the crowd, and gain the success and respect that will make you the envy of others.

Think about what you're missing out on in life if you lack social intelligence.

So how would you rate your social intelligence? Can you walk into a room full of strangers and strike up an engaging conversation with anyone in the room? If you notice someone of the opposite sex, can you start a conversation that causes that person to accept you and express interest? If you want to get a job or a raise, make a sale, or close a business deal, can you get what you want every time? If you want to get your children, spouse, or friends to do something, can you get them to do it willingly and cheerfully?

If you're 100 percent successful in all these areas, you can stop reading right now. Because if you are, you are probably a millionaire with a dream home who takes four months off each year just to travel or explore your various interests.

That's what Peter Thomson does. Starting in business in 1972, he built three successful companies, selling the last one (which was five years old) to a public company for $6.5 million. That enabled him to retire at the age of 42.

Peter Thomson Shows You How to
Follow in His Footsteps to Achieve Success

Since that time, Peter has concentrated on sharing his proven methods for business and personal success. And today he is regarded as one of the world's leading strategists on personal and business growth.

According to Peter, skill in communication is what allowed him to get where he is today. It's the most powerful, life-changing skill anyone can learn. That's why he teaches the secrets of the world's greatest communicators.

For example, several years ago, there was a young woman named Ruth who worked in Peter's organization. When Ruth joined them, she was extremely nervous and shy. She would even get embarrassed when she walked across a road and her heels clicked on the pavement.

Within a few years of learning the secrets of the world's greatest communicators, she'd grown to take a management role in Peter's organization, gotten married, and then left and moved to Canada. There she became the personal assistant for a real estate mogul - flying around the world in his jet helicopter, negotiating deals, and making a success out of her life.

In just a few short years she took herself from a shy young girl to a mature, powerful, and successful woman.

Your Communication Skills
Determine What You Achieve in Life

I want to repeat this because it’s too important to miss: Your communication skills determine what you achieve in life.

You see, every time you attempt to persuade someone else to do or avoid doing something, either now or in the future, you either ask outright or you imply your message in various ways. How effective you are at both the overt and covert ways of communication determines how successful you will be in any area of life. How effective are you at both methods of communication? What is your honest answer?

The hardest part of communication is learning to use language in the first place. But you already did that as a child. When it comes to refining your already remarkable gift for communication, that's just icing on the cake.

Of course, it's the icing that makes the difference. Just as champion sprinters are only a few hundredths of a second faster than the rest of the pack, so the great communicators are men and women who've mastered just a few communication techniques unknown to the rest of us.

This is the secret highly successful people have always known. From boardroom tycoons to those "life of the party" people, getting what you want is always about using words and attitudes to get other people to open up to you — to want to help you.

And that's a lot easier than it may sound. Because the fact is, people are programmed to help you… as soon as you talk to them in the right way.

That's all explained in "The Subconscious Encoding Process," which is session three of Peter Thomson's audio program The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators. This encoding process forms the basis of many of Peter Thomson's most powerful techniques — all of which seem so simple once they're explained.

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A Snapshot of Your Life
IF You Are Fortunate Enough to Listen to the Program

Imagine you walk into a room full of strangers and you can instantly tell which people are waiting to talk to you and what you should say to them to put them at their ease and make a great first impression. (In fact, you'll know 16 things to say to start an effective conversation!)...

Imagine you're a salesperson facing a group of difficult, closed-up customers. But you're not worried because you know exactly how to find out what they're really thinking - and then how to get them on your side...

Imagine you've gone to ask your boss for a pay raise or promotion. By reading his body language, you know whether or not he's ready to say yes - and more important, you know how to feel out exactly how much you should ask for...

Imagine you're a parent of teenage children and you need them to clean their rooms or help with chores. Fortunately, you now know how to get them to do what you want without all the arguments - simply by the way you tap into their thought processes...

Imagine you're in an important meeting at work or with clients and you come away with a report for your boss to read. You know exactly how to persuade him to do that immediately, and make it look as if it was his decision...

Imagine you're negotiating the deal of your life but your customers just won't come to a decision. No problem, you're still in control because you have six proven ways to get them to agree to the deal before you even think of using your final nuclear option...

Imagine you're about to get a parking ticket, but since you know what to say to win the officer over, you don't get one. Instead, the officer escorts you to a preferred parking place! This happened to Peter Thomson recently, in fact.

Imagine, in short, that you could ACHIEVE EVERYTHING YOU WANTED in life, with NO LIMIT TO YOUR SUCCESS except your willingness to strike up a conversation. That's what The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators offers you. Guaranteed!

What's more, this program is for everyone. Peter Thomson's students include high-powered businesspeople and their PAs, salespeople and self-employed people of all kinds, blue-collar workers, including police officers, and more.

And there are just as many people putting Peter Thomson's powerful conversation techniques to good use in social situations. Returning defective merchandise to a store ...getting a refund or a better table in a restaurant ...getting prompt attention from a mechanic...even getting through to government officials!

Quickly Develop Your Own
Highly Persuasive Conversation Power

So, Are You Ready to Begin?

The first thing to understand is that a conversation gives you access to another person's subconscious mind. The way you phrase your questions — the way you dip into another person's memory files — can profoundly influence the way the other person feels about you and your request.

Meanwhile, once you're armed with the secrets of active listening and body-language monitoring that you will pick up from the program, you'll know what the person you're talking to is really thinking ...often before he or she does! As you progress to the more advanced lessons, you'll discover how you can even change somebody's mind in the middle of his or her decision-making process so the outcome is what you want it to be!

If you're concerned about whether this is manipulative, know first of all that the information is neutral; what makes it manipulative or not is the person using it.

Second, the reason the program was created was to help you build rapport and create win-win outcomes. You'll be helping people to see the truth of each situation clearly, which in the long run works to their advantage as much as yours. That's why, when you use your conversation skills, you'll be creating lasting friendships and business relationships that are built on honesty and respect.

I want to show you some more of the proven, practical techniques you can use. In all, the program has more than 300 ideas, techniques, and methods. And Peter Thomson didn't just think them up one day; he has used each one extensively.

Over the years, Peter studied as many of the great communicators as he could - from political leaders to great salespeople to CEOs to the people he knew and worked with every day. He's read speeches and books, he's attended seminars, he's listened to tapes and CDs, and he's also gained insight from more than 30 years in business.

He was never interested in ideas for their own sake - he had to prove the ideas worked in multiple settings and in myriad situations. He found out what worked and what didn't work. He taught his staff, and together they honed and polished the ideas until they had isolated the best-kept secrets - the ones that really worked. And that passion is still with him today.

A Glimpse into the Power of This Program

There's not room in this email to tell you about all 300-plus ideas you'll find in The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators. So how about I pick out 30 of the skills you're about to learn when you order - that works, doesn't it? That's less than one-tenth of all the ideas you can use to bring a new dimension of prosperity into your life.

  1. How to complain effectively. One magic add-on sentence lets you get waiters, cashiers, suppliers, and service representatives moving quickly to give you what you want.
  2. How to spot liars. You'll learn several foolproof ways to tell if someone's lying to you - including how to tell when someone is lying to you over the phone.
  3. How to remember names. The RR technique helps you recall someone's name even weeks after you've met him or her.
  4. How to predispose people toward saying yes to you. You can always get someone to say yes. And the more yes answers you get, the more favorably people will be disposed toward you.
  5. The perfect all-situation conversation opener. What to say to get strangers, officials, even your boss, to open up to you.
  6. Three commonly used introductions or replies you must never use. More than 90 percent of people make these mistakes. By avoiding them, you put yourself in the elite group of people who are given the most preferential treatment.
  7. Six ways to turn a weak excuse into a strong, respected response. Learn what to say when you're criticized - even when you're at fault - and come out looking good.
  8. How to offer incentives that get results. So many business people waste money and squander goodwill by setting up incentive programs that don't work. If you want people to respond to an incentive, there's something you can do that works every time — even if you're a parent dealing with a teenager!
  9. How to script important meetings in advance. A unique self-questioning technique shows you how to blueprint the outcomes you want in such a way that you have a head start every time you enter a negotiating situation.
  10. How to understand and use the Rosenthal Effect. For boosting performance and confidence, this is the favorite technique of the world's most successful business people and athletes. You might call it the lazy person's way to outstanding success!
  11. How to change a negative response into a positive one. How to see a no coming and turn it around...before the word is even spoken.
  12. How to break an embarrassing silence. Now you can instantly open people up without putting them on the spot.
  13. How to master the 55 percent of communication that never gets spoken. This is about body language, and it's worth looking at a little more closely:

    On session seven of The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators, Peter Thomson gives you what might be the most practical guide to body language ever recorded. Research has shown that 55 percent of person-to-person communication is unspoken - that our bodies give out a constant stream of involuntary signals you can learn to recognize instantly. After learning these secrets, you'll be able to influence what people think of you, as you control the way they move their bodies! The handshake alone shows you how to identify the type of person you're dealing with as well as how to handle him or her in conversation.
  14. How to make yourself look like a winner in meetings — and move quickly up the pecking order. It's all in where you sit and the way you move around the meeting. People will naturally respond more favorably to you even if you don't say anything!
  15. The difference between open and closed questions. The way you ask questions and the type of questions you ask can have enormous impact. This is one of the keys to controlling the outcome of any verbal encounter.
  16. How to get people to help you jump to the front of the line. Scientific experiments have demonstrated that one word causes people to let you cut in front of them 94 percent of the time!
  17. The master salesperson's four most powerful sales techniques. Use them equally as effectively in business, social, and family situations. These are easy to understand and use.
  18. The GOLDEN RULE of all negotiations. This is incredible. Follow this rule and you will always get people to give you what you want.
  19. How to pay people compliments. Most people are either too shy to offer compliments, or do it in a way that causes embarrassment, and even resentment. Yet it's so easy to pay people compliments in a way they'll enjoy and remember. The program shows you how.
  20. How to make any conversation move forward like a train - one direction only - the direction you want it to go! You'll learn how to structure your words to give you complete control over any conversation.
  21. How to talk to the three different "home base vocabulary" types. When you speak to people using their vocabulary, you gain instant rapport with them.
  22. How to deal with "the awkward squad." Peter Thomson makes a point of winning over "challenging" people because once you've built rapport with them, these people can be your best allies and advocates. Find out how it's done and the words you should use.
  23. How to spot the REAL QUESTIONS that lurk behind objections. Warning: What people say and what they really think are often very different. After decades of experience in high-level negotiation, Peter Thomson will tell you how to tell the two apart.
  24. The five different types of objections and how to overcome them. When someone objects to something you say, it's always a request for more information. This secret will show you how to give the right information to a person.
  25. The best way to ask for a job, promotion, or raise. You'll hear specific conversations you can plan in advance, to massively boost your chances of getting what you want. (Plus, discover how to tell when your boss is bluffing.)
  26. The importance of using "and" instead of "but." This is actually a huge mistake most people make but never realize...oops... AND never realize. The program will tell you why it's a mistake in conversation.
  27. How to close the deal. Use these cut-to-the-chase professional closes in business or whenever you need to get a decision. Learn what people really mean when they "want to think it over." Plus, learn how to boost your confidence when it's time to close the sale.
  28. Why you should stop saying "yes" and start saying "if" when negotiating. This is a must whenever you want to influence anyone in any way.
  29. Why enough is the ultimate magic word. The program will show you how to use it to its full effect.
  30. How anticipation influences the results of conversations. Studies have shown that your anticipation of the results of an encounter actually has significant impact on those results.

That's 30 original and effective ideas... just a fraction of the powerful techniques you'll soon be using to your immediate advantage... making this one of the most exciting personal development programs you can ever own.

Audio: The Most Effective Way to Learn

And you couldn't have a better way to learn your new advanced conversation skills!

By definition, conversation skills are about talking - whether face-to-face or over the telephone (though you also find out a lot about watching people in the body language section). So what better way could there be to learn the skills of a great conversationalist than by having him talk to you, one-on-one?

The 6 CDs in this program convey more information than books ever can, because you can pick up on the tone being used - itself a vital element in communication skills. And you can listen to each CD as many times as you like, each time picking up something new.

You'll also benefit from all the emotional involvement of actually listening to a real personality, directly sharing his experience and knowledge in a highly focused, personal conversation. And whether you listen while you drive, walk, jog, travel to work, tend the garden - even lie on the beach - you can pick up valuable new information each time you listen.

As Peter Thomson says: "If I were going to start learning any communication skill today, knowing everything I know now, I'd go for an audio program every time. It gives you the information in the easiest, clearest, and friendliest form, with no ambiguity."

A Tremendous Advantage of the Program

Do you ever suffer from stress?

The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators can reduce or eliminate the stress in your life. Stress is often caused by frustration - which is frequently the result of not being able to communicate effectively!

When you master Peter Thomson's simple techniques, you will know how to get a lot more of what you want in life, more easily. Naturally, you'll know how to deal with difficult people and difficult situations; how to question your bills effectively; how to smooth over and prevent family disagreements; how to handle ANY situation that comes your way.

When you master the techniques outlined in this program, you'll be far better prepared to avoid confrontation and uncertainty. This will translate into that much less stress you have to deal with on a daily basis.

My 3 Favorite Tips...

I want to make sure you receive an immediate boost to your conversation power, just from having read this email. So let me pick out just three of my favorite tips from the program.

  • NEVER, NEVER start a conversation in which you are trying to persuade the other person by saying the following:"I'm sorry to bother you, but..." or "I could be wrong, but..." or "Perhaps I'm being unfair, but..."
  • FORGET ALL THESE WORDS AND PHRASES, which are almost always unnecessary and only weaken your position: Surely, maybe, kind of, sort of, like.
  • NEVER answer "Fine" when someone asks you how you are. Almost everybody does it...but you're well advised to stop doing it. When you respond in this way, you are communicating something to your listeners that significantly detracts from your ability to influence them. The program explains how and why it works like that.

FREE Bonus CD: Lying Exposed

If you order now, you will also get a FREE bonus CD to teach you how to tell if someone is lying, entitled Lying Exposed. Everyone who lies gives off certain unconscious signals when lying. From noticing their physical movements and posture, to picking up on their voice tone and inflection, you will always be able to spot a liar once you have this bonus recording.

So even if you run into someone who is a master of conversation, if that person is trying to manipulate you, this bonus CD will clue you in to what's really going on. No one will ever be able to take advantage of you in any way ever again.

The fact that you're reading this email proves that you've mastered language and that you already know 99 percent of what you need to know to be a highly successful communicator and reap all the rewards that go to the conversation winners. Isn't it worth spending a moment of your time now to find out the secrets of the elite 1 percent that makes all the difference?

I'm waiting to send you The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators System, along with your FREE bonus CD, Lying Exposed. Just one of Peter Thomson's powerful communication secrets could change your life... and in this package you'll find more than 300 of them!

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Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

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The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators
The Best-Kept Secrets of Great Communicators

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