The Compound Return on Targeted Action

Achieve the success
you’ve always dreamed of!

I. The only reliable investment in today's world

As today's business world moves at a faster and faster pace, the only reliable and secure investment you can make is an investment in yourself.

To gain the professional and personal life you want, you have to take action. And now, there has never been a more comprehensive compilation of usable, proven, and guaranteed action strategies than those you'll learn from Brian Tracy's Action Strategies encyclopedia.

The greatest ideas in the world are useless until you turn them into ACTION. Action is the only way for you to:

  • Transform yourself into a top earner
  • Turn yourself into a leader in your business, profession, or community
  • Make your family and social life richer and more rewarding
  • Help yourself achieve higher-quality, more productive relationships with your colleagues and associates
  • Enhance your creativity tenfold
  • Provide yourself with financial independence for life

II. The most results-generating collection of action steps ever assembled

Brian Tracy has built a career on building careers. He has spent a lifetime condensing the most results-generating action steps he has learned about personal and professional achievement and has organized them into 48 lessons.

Now these lessons are presented in one complete system: Brian Tracy's Action Strategies for Personal Achievement

Within this treasure chest of  knowledge, you'll find over 200 golden nuggets of powerful, practical wisdom and insight that will skyrocket your success in 12 key areas of life:

#1 Maximum Performance

Lesson 1 - Unlocking Your Potential

  • Why you often perform below your capabilities
  • How to lift the ceiling on your performance
  • How to change your self-talk from negative to positive
  • How to make your self-esteem go up overnight
  • How to increase your in­come 25%-50% a year for the rest of your life

Lesson 2 - Taking Charge of Your Life

  • The true mark of maturity
  • The one thing you must never give up
  • How to eliminate (not stifle) all anger
  • What to say to yourself when you feel negative
  • What to say to others when they feel negative
  • How to purge yourself of unhappy memories

Lesson 3 - Seven Mental Laws

  • How to unlock your cap­acity for high achievement
  • How to accomplish more in 2 or 3 years than the average person does in a lifetime
  • 7 mental laws you must stay in harmony with

Lesson 4 - Using Your Subconscious Mind

  • How to speak to your subconscious mind
  • How to listen to your subconscious mind
  • Exercises to be empowered by your subconscious mind

#2 Personal Strategic Planning

Lesson 5 - Strategic Thinking

  • How to double or triple the speed you reach your goals
  • The fate of not setting goals
  • The most important men­tal skill you can develop
  • The two games of success—inner and outer
  • "Blue sky" goals—why you should use them

Lesson 6 - The Master Skill of Success

  • How to override your failure mechanism
  • How to trigger your success mechanism
  • The price of success, and when you must pay it
  • 7 obstacles to setting goals
  • 5 principles of goal setting
  • 7 questions you must ask when setting goals

Lesson 7 - Achieving Your Goals

  • 12 Essential steps to goal achievement

Lesson 8 - Your Superconscious Mind

  • How to produce a lot of work in a little time
  • What "Flow" is—how to experience it
  • An exercise to access your superconscious mind

#3 Managing Your Time

Lesson 9 - Mastering Your Time

  • The core skill to all achievement
  • How to get a 500% return on your investment of time
  • The science of making lists
  • A simple formula for getting organized
  • How to use deadlines positively
  • How to set priorities

Lesson 10 -Maximizing Your Productivity

  • The simple foundation of good work habits
  • 4 steps to high productivity
  • 6 steps to improving concentration
  • How to overcome procrastination
  • How to maintain a fast working tempo

Lesson 11 - Streamlining Your Life

  • Role of relationships in success
  • How to take hold by letting go
  • How to use zero-based thinking on everything
  • When short-term pain means long-term gain

Lesson 12 - Balancing Work and Family

  • How to decide what's most important
  • How relationships make 85% of your success
  • When not to compromise
  • How to design your ideal life style
  • The balance between high tech and high touch
  • When to delay commitments

#4 Career Advancement Strategies

Lesson 13 - Your Most Valuable Asset

  • Being self-employed as a state of mind
  • How to recognize and avoid time wasters
  • Four steps to reading faster and more effectively
  • How to increase your income ten times

Lesson 14 - How to Get The Job You Want

  • How to get the job you want
  • How to find the best job for you
  • Ways to assess your skills, abilities and interests
  • How to write resumes that generate interviews
  • How to find the right company
  • Finding the right boss

Lesson 15 - Leveraging Your Potential

  • How to network and expand your contacts
  • When you must buy your freedom
  • How to achieve a successful image

Lesson 16 - Fast Tracking Your Career

  • How to fast-track your career
  • How to move up faster
  • How to change jobs or change companies
  • How to develop your own power base
  • Five keys to career advancement
  • When you should be an opportunist
  • How to avoid the salary ceiling

#5 Creating Wealth

Lesson 17 - Money and You

  • Why anyone can get rich
  • How you can still get rich in the '90s
  • 5 ways to become a millionaire
  • How the wealthy preserve their capital
  • How to ask your way to success

Lesson 18 - The Way the World Works

  • Why people succeed — why people fail
  • When laziness and greed are good
  • How to make impatience work for you
  • Using selfishness constructively

Lesson 19 - Blueprint for Financial Independence

  • The mindset that leads to wealth
  • How to be a magnet for money
  • How to resist Parkinson's Law
  • The three legs of financial planning
  • Insurance — what's enough, what's too much

Lesson 20 - Leadership — The Critical Difference

  • Why you need a sense of mission
  • How to use role models
  • What books should a leader read
  • How to be a role model

#6 Unlocking Your Mental Powers

Lesson 21 - The Psychology of Success

  • How to be an "inverse paranoid"
  • The mindset of successful people
  • How to form success habits
  • Seven keys to mental fitness

Lesson 22 - Stepping on Your Mental Accelerator

  • How to unlock your potential with autogenic conditioning
  • How to program your subconscious mind
  • How to reach the Alpha state
  • How to use music for rapid learning

Lesson 23 - Creative Problem Solving

  • Your creativity and your IQ
  • Why you are probably a genius
  • How to learn to be creative
  • Back from the future thinking
  • How to come up with 250 new ideas a year

Lesson 24 - Effective Decision Making

  • How to test your assumptions
  • How to evaluate your ideas
  • How to sell your ideas to others

#7 Negotiating, Communicating, Persuading

Lesson 25 - Negotiation Strategies & Tactics, I

  • How to get the best deal every time
  • Is everything negotiable?
  • The six styles of negotiating
  • How to get a better price immediately

Lesson 26 - Negotiation Strategies & Tactics, II

  • The "walk-away" method of negotiation
  • How to negotiate with your boss for a raise
  • How to prepare for negotiations
  • How to give and get concessions

Lesson 27 - Communicating for Results

  • How you communicate what you are
  • How to avoid message overload
  • How to listen well
  • How to listen empathetically

Lesson 28 - How to Influence and Persuade Others

  • How to earn cooperation
  • Are you people-oriented or task-oriented?
  • How to make a good first impression
  • Getting people to return a favor
  • Best time to ask for a favor

#8 Developing Your Character

Lesson 29 - The Development of Character

  • Do you have a good reputation with yourself?
  • How to prioritize your personal values

Lesson 30 - The Power of Love

  • The opposite of fear is not courage
  • How to analyze your own fears
  • Powerful techniques to overcome fear
  • How to control your ego

Lesson 31 - The Conquest of Fear

  • Vince Lombardi's success secret
  • The three measures of your willpower
  • Napoleon Hill's great discovery
  • Success wisdom from Confucius to Churchill to Coolidge
  • How Conrad Hilton got rich

Lesson 32 - The Iron Quality of Success

  • How love dissolves fear
  • How to act your way into loving
  • How to become a totally loving person

#9 Your Energy and Dynamism

Lesson 33 - High Energy Performance, I

  • How to achieve high levels of health and energy
  • How to diet for high energy
  • How to detoxify your body
  • How to think thin
  • How to live lean and mean

Lesson 34 - High Energy Performance, II

  • 7 health habits for living to 100
  • Can you change your taste buds?
  • How negative emotions wear you out
  • Should you take vitamins and minerals?

Lesson 35 - Managing Stress and Achieving Personal Effectiveness, I

  • How to be your own "shrink"
  • The one requisite for happiness and stress-free living
  • How to strengthen your own immune system
  • How you create your own stress

Lesson 36 - Managing Stress and Achieving Personal Effectiveness, II

  • Start using this "worry buster"
  • How to conquer the fear of failure
  • The danger of incomplete transactions
  • How to practice reality therapy

#10 Your Power With People

Lesson 37 - Developing a Success Personality, I

  • The true source of all happiness
  • The secret of impressing people
  • How to raise other people's self-esteem
  • Growth through forgiving others

Lesson 38 - Developing a Success Personality, II

  • Should you smile when you don't feel like it?
  • Build trust through listening
  • Advanced listening skills
  • How to be an expert conversationalist

Lesson 39 - Love and Romance

  • How to stay in love
  • What self-esteem does for your love life
  • Your home life as a key to success
  • How to rekindle love
  • Six keys to success in relationships
  • Six major problems in relationships

Lesson 40 - How to Raise Super Kids

  • Parenting styles that produce high achievers
  • The effects of love deprivation
  • How to help kids fulfill their potentials
  • How to build children's self-esteem
  • Four ways to convince your kids you love them

#11 Strategies for Business Success

Lesson 41 - Starting Your Own Business

  • Should you consider entrepreneurship?
  • The turning point that suggests starting a business
  • The "corridor principle" — key to success in life
  • How to fight Murphy's Law
  • New business traps to avoid
  • Do's and don'ts of buying a business
  • Is a franchise for you?

Lesson 42 - Marketing Strategy & Tactics

  • How to test your new-business ideas
  • How to make your prod­­uct or service stand out
  • The key purpose of any business (don't overlook it)

Lesson 43 - Getting the Money You Need

  • How to start a business with little or no money
  • How to use credit cards to start a business
  • Why partnerships don't work
  • How to select your business banker
  • How to build an excellent credit history

Lesson 44 - How to Sell Well

  • How to get free advertising
  • How to get on talk shows... and what to say
  • How to create a company name, letterhead, etc.
  • 21 different ways to sell your product or service

#12 Building Your Estate

Lesson 45 - Real Estate Investment Strategies, I

  • Financial independence from owning property
  • The true way real estate is valued
  • How to invest time when you have little money
  • Why you must avoid the "greater fool theory"

Lesson 46 - Real Estate Investment Strategies, II

  • How to increase property value by factor of 10 to 1
  • The growth pattern of cities
  • How to make an offer on property

Lesson 47 - Managing For Results

  • How to leverage your interactions with others
  • The magic of OPM, OPE and OPK
  • How to get things done without doing them
  • How to pick your business team
  • Secrets of managing, delegating and supervising
  • The trap of upward delegation

Lesson 48 - How to Succeed By Really Trying

  • How to develop a business plan for your life
  • Why you should act as if you own the place
  • Think rich — develop a prosperity consciousness
  • How to concentrate your powers for maximum results
  • 7 principles for constructive thinking
  • Why there's always room at the top

Yes, I’m ready to get what I want a whole lot FASTER.

III. What other success builders say about this system


"This ... can be the key to success and happiness if you will only follow its powerful principles."

—Og Mandino,
Author - The Greatest Salesman in the World


"Brian Tracy has made significant contributions to our sales managers' achievement and leadership.  His enthusiasm is certainly motivating; his step-by-step approach becomes durable in the mind of the listener."

—Bill Lewis,
U.S. Field Development Manager, Hewlett Packard


"Brian's work over the years in the field of Personal Achievement has empowered the individuals who collectively propel business.  I believe everyone can benefit from Brian Tracy's approaches to maximizing one's potential."

—Stephen G. Bradshaw,
VP Sales, WRIGHT Medical technology CORPORATION


"Brian Tracy is the Master Architect for helping people build successful personal and professional lives.  This encyclopedia of success strategies is easy to grasp and put into practice."

—Tony Alessandra, Ph.D.,
Author - Non-Manipulative Selling, Relationship Strategies


"Brian Tracy's insights into what guarantees success in life and work, and conversely, what we do to defeat ourselves in this crazy, mixed-up world, is so simple and true that you find yourself agreeing and talking to Brian in your head!  That's why Brian's material is the most requested of all my sales training materials.  He's actually become ... a folk hero with our distributors and sales associates."

—Kathleen Zimpelman,
Sales Training Manager, DePuy


"Brian ...teaches you about yourself and how to reach your full potential.  This is, without a doubt, one of the most significant contributions to the self-help arena.  Over the years, many of us at Xerox Corporation have benefitted from Brian's programs — enhancing our lives with numerous time management and life management tools that Brian has provided.... His goal setting ideas are among the most powerful, comprehensive and easy to follow tools I have ever used.  Many of us have been able to organize not only our offices and desks, but also our lives!"

—Neil Goodman,
Training Director of Lifetime Management, Xerox Document University


"Brian Tracy demonstrates that rare ability to cross occupational lines.  His dynamic style is both sophisticated and down-to-earth."

—Scott H. Bieber,
Vice-President, Duro-Last


"Brian Tracy touches you where you live. I have long admired his work, and this is his masterpiece."

—Dr. Wayne W. Dyer,
Author/Lecturer - Your Erroneous Zones, Real Magic


"If I could spend a day with anybody on the planet, it would be Brian Tracy.  Nobody knows more about getting the best out of life than he does ... [and] he shares his secrets with you."

—Roger Dawson,
Author - The Secrets of Power Negotiating


"Looking ... to jumpstart your life?  Look no further!  Brian Tracy [sounds] a wake-up call to the wonders within us all.  It is straight to the point and straight to the heart."

—Harvey Mackay,
Author - Swim With the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive


"Brian is a master of self-management skills development.  In this treasure chest he gives us an encyclopedia of inner wealth more knowledge-based, action-oriented and relevant to today's global achiever than any other source you can tap.  More than self-help ... this is an owner's manual for high performance."

—Denis Waitley,
Author - The Psychology of Winning

Action Strategies for Personal Achievement

Action Strategies for Personal Achievement
Achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of!

by Brian Tracy

I'm ready to get what I want a whole lot FASTER — in my career, finances, relationships, and every other part of my life.

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