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Dear Friend,

As Chairman of Nightingale-Conant Corporation – the world leader in personal development – I often gain exclusive access to many exciting advances in bettering human performance.

But few have excited me as much as the one described in this email.

It’s called “Accelerated Learning.” And it can literally revolutionize the life of anyone who chooses to learn about it.

Turn your most priceless ‘natural resource’ into your most valuable asset

What is this resource? It’s your brain capacity. Your ability to master and use all the knowledge you deal with in today’s Information Age.

Why it’s not necessarily a ‘given’

But isn’t your brain capacity something that’s fixed at birth? After all, you’re either naturally “smart” or “not smart,” right?

Wrong! Most people have always thought this way. But now, thanks to recent outgrowths of Nobel Prize–winning research, learning experts have discovered how you can increase your brain capacity, both in speed and effectiveness – and by as much as 400%!

Introducing Accelerated Learning Techniques

The techniques that make this possible are what educational authorities have come to call Accelerated Learning Techniques. What they do, in effect, is to etch into your brain a whole new variety of interconnecting mental information-processing circuits...

... and now, these techniques have been spelled out in detail for you in Nightingale-Conant’s pioneering program Accelerated Learning Techniques.

The brainchild of Brian Tracy and Colin Rose

To create this program, the well-known Nightingale-Conant host and personal development expert Brian Tracy collaborated with British learning expert Colin Rose, perhaps the world’s leading “simplifier” of applied Accelerated Learning Techniques.

Together, they have laid out for you – in straightforward step-by-step fashion – everything you need to know to put these miraculous brain-strengthening techniques to work in revolutionizing your life.

You’ll discover the six stages of learning and what you should do at each stage.

And this is just the beginning...

‘Intake’ facts like an ‘information magnet’

  • You’ll learn a simple “orientation” trick that helps you grab onto new learning material like a blur.
  • You’ll find out how to cut a big, scary learning project down to manageable size, and give yourself super confidence in coping with it.
  • You’ll master 10 ways to be more effective in intaking information.

Incredibly powerful memory tricks

Taking in facts, of course, is not enough. You also have to be able to call on them for use whenever needed. So, in Accelerated Learning Techniques, you’ll discover a rich profusion of amazingly powerful ways to do just that...

  • HOW TO WORK MEMORY MAGIC by “emotionalizing” a fact.
  • A SIMPLE SECRET that takes five minutes to learn and can double or triple your recall.
  • A MEMORIZING “MUST” with a big extra plus: Brian Tracy calls it the single most important quality for success in society today.

Essential skills for the Information Age

You’ll also discover such vital skills as…

  • POWER READING. How it resembles speed-reading. How it differs. Why the difference is critically important.
  • HOW TO BLAST THROUGH MENTAL BLOCKS when trying to write something.
  • A SURE-FIRE WAY TO GAIN CONTROL of any conversation. Virtually foolproof.

Gaining ‘ownership’ of new knowledge

The acid test of any learning, of course, is your ability to retain and use it. So Brian Tracy and Colin Rose reveal exactly how to give yourself this all-essential “ownership” of new knowledge.

Memory mapping – flow charting – sequencing – paraphrasing – role playing – partnering – learning logging – these and other powerful techniques can help raise your brain capacity to dramatically higher levels.

Imagine the benefits

Just think what this greater brain capacity could mean to you. Think what it could mean to your career, for example, if you came to be seen as a “near genius” at work.

If you could speed through, and really digest, the reams of reading that slow others to a crawl. If you could acquire, “in a wink,” the added skills for new opportunities. If you could write, not just with speed, but with striking power, clarity, persuasiveness. If you were always able to come up with needed facts at critical meetings and presentations.

Think how much more quickly you’d be entrusted with more responsibility. How much more quickly you’d be rewarded with more money. How much more likely it would be that you’d be sought out for new challenges, both by your present employer and by outside recruiters as well!

Finally, think of the increased security you’d feel in knowing that you need never fear becoming obsolete in your career – because you could master virtually any new job field you might set your mind to! (Vitally important! In today’s hazardous “job waters,” most people will have five different careers and 14 different jobs during their lifetimes!)

Benefits off the job, too

And don’t stop at thinking of your job benefits. Think of the respect it would earn you among your community associates and professionals if you developed a reputation for being “super smart.”

Think how you’d be able to help your children with their schoolwork.

And think of the self-respect you’d feel if you were able to truly tap into your peak mental potential and become the “Renaissance person” you’ve always dreamed of being!

See for yourself

Order today and we’ll send you the entire program.

You’ll get all six CDs... an extra, seventh, CD with valuable additional help... and a workbook on CD to use in conjunction with the CDs themselves.

See for yourself what Accelerated Learning Techniques can do for you.

I know you will agree, as time goes by, that this is a tiny price indeed for something that can so enrich your entire life.



Vic Conant
Chairman, Nightingale-Conant

Accelerated Learning Techniques

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