Nightingale Conant

Apple Download Instructions

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Please make sure to follow the instructions below on your desktop or laptop.

1. Visit and click "My Account" in the top right corner of the webpage.

2. Log into your account, if you don't remember your login info, follow the "Forgot Your Password?" link (circled)

3. In the left column click "My Downloadable Products"

4. Locate Your MP3, click the link next to the name of the program.

5. A new window will open with your download links, click any of the corresponding yellow buttons to download that session. Here you will also find any supplementary videos or pdfs.

6. You can also download an entire program at once, please note these are very large files ranging from 500mb to 3gb. The file will be downloaded as one large compressed file, you will need to unzip the file before playing the audio.

7. Navigate to your downloads folder and open the downloaded MP3 files with iTunes. You can do so by double clicking the MP3S file or dragging the files into iTunes.

8. After you have added all of your MP3 files to your iTunes library connect your device with your charging cable or compatible usb/lightning cord.

9. After a few seconds ou will see your device name on the left hand side, click your device and Apply/Sync. Please note this may take a while depending on the amount of information being synced and your hardware setup.

10. Once the device has completed syncing you can eject it by clicking the circle next to the name of your device. ***DO NOT JUST UNPLUG YOUR DEVICE WITHOUT EJECTING***. After you have properly ejected your mobile device, the audio will be located on your mobile device within the "Music" app.