Nightingale Conant

Android Download Instructions

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Before following the steps below, make sure you have already downladed your MP3 to your laptop or computer. For instructions on downloading an MP3 to your computer please click here.

1. Navigate to the folder where your MP3 is located.

2. Make sure your phone is unlocked. Connect your Android device to your computer with your charger, or any compatible usb cord..

3. Go to "My Computer" or "This PC" and locate your mobile device. Open your device and select either "Internal Storage" or "SD Card".

4. Navigate to your "Music" folder and open it.

5. Copy the MP3 files from step 1 into your Android device's "Music" folder. *Note this may take a while depending on your hardware and setup.

6. Once the transfer has completed, wait 10 seconds and eject your Android device. Open the Music App on your Android device. You can search by author, track, or program name. If you do not see your tracks, close and re-open your music app. If the tracks are still not visible restart your device.