Jewels of Enlightenment

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Jewels of Enlightenment

Author: Barefoot Doctor

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6 Audio CDs, 3 Bonus CDs, Workbook, 8 DVDs, Tai Chi DVD

24 Jewels of Enlightenment... A Thorough Training in Taoist Philosophy and Practice... Open a TREASURE CHEST of energy, health, confidence, brilliance, and abundance into your life!


A treasure chest of energy, health, confidence, brilliance, and abundance for your life!

24 Jewels of Enlightenment... A Thorough Training in Taoist Philosophy and Practice... Open a TREASURE CHEST of energy, health, confidence, brilliance, and abundance into your life!

The first part of this program contains 24 Jewels of Enlightenment that make up real-life training in the philosophy of joy in the Taoist idiom.

You'll receive a treasure chest of jewels - 24 in total. Each is equally important because each one is designed to enhance how you view the world and how the world views you.

Here's a brief glance at all 24: Jewel #1: Notice What's Happening- Rediscover where you are, what you are, what you are thinking about, and how you think about it. Jewel #2: Stop Fighting - Stop trying to fight and change what you're feeling. Accept it, and your life will evolve. Jewel #3: Accept What Is - Discover just how to be in the success zone by accepting where you are. Jewel #4: Breathe/Participate - How you breathe determines how fulfilled your life will be. Jewel #6: Observe Don't Judge - Keep moving forward without fear. Set yourself up to receive the best in life. Jewel #7: Connect with All - Keep your vitality flowing internally. Stay alive and stay in the adventure. Jewel #8: Feel the Tao - Embrace the Tao in everything you do. It's big. Jewel #9: Trust the Tao - The more faith you put into the Tao, the more you can rely on it to provide all your needs. Jewel #10: Accept Responsibility - Accept and love your life for everything it is and everything it isn't. Jewel #11: Choose What You Want - Learn to express what you want, and the Tao will take you there. Jewel #12: Ask and Know It Is Given - Take aim at your most profound joy. Determine what needs will get you there. Jewel #13: Open Yourself to Receive - Learn how to ask, how to relax, and know it will be given. Jewel #14: Don't Disturb the Flow - There's a right way and a wrong way to complete your manifestation. Jewel #15: Follow the Flow - Discover how there are no limits on what you can receive. Jewel #16: Deal with the Swing - You'll experience negative and positive phases. Here lie the instructions. Jewel #17: Be Supple - Life will push you, challenge you. Learn to bounce back every time. Jewel #18: Always Be Willing to Lose All - You truly have nothing to lose, but everything to gain. Jewel #19: Be Willing to Gain All - Realize how to make what you want come to you with greater ease and speed. Jewel #20: Be Willing to Be Wrong About Everything - Accept that you could be wrong and you invite a more relaxed, stress-free existence. Jewel #21: Remember Death Is Your Friend, Not Your Enemy - Fully enjoy and embrace every second you have on Earth. Jewel #22: Be Ordinary - Without being ordinary, you can lose perspective and personal power. Jewel #23: Let Everything Be Ordinary - The extremes in your life will balance each other out. Jewel #24: Give Thanks - Give thanks to your life, your health, your opportunities ... everything! What is shared with you is far more than simple ideas, strategies, and tips. They are grounded in the ancient Tao philosophy. They've been carefully cultivated, and then polished and perfected. They are multifaceted by bringing you improvements throughout every corner of your life. They are - in every sense of the word - jewels.

The School for Warriors 8 DVD set School for Warriors is an eight-week DVD training course in the principles of personal power. These are the underlying principles behind all Taoist practice. The way that Barefoot Doctor puts them across in these DVDs is the result of 35 years of studying and teaching these techniques.

Here is a brief glance at what's covered:
  • Principle of Personal Power 1 - Intro and becoming a unified force
  • Principle of Personal Power 2 - Mindful breathing
  • Principle of Personal Power 3 - Optimizing posture
  • Principle of Personal Power 4 - Proper relaxation
  • Principle of Personal Power 5 - Sinking the weight
  • Principle of Personal Power 6 - Center brain awareness
  • Principle of Personal Power 7 - Opening the heart
  • Principle of Personal Power 8 - Connecting to the Tao.
You get a film for each of the exercises, and all you have to do is follow along. By the end of eight weeks, your life will have gone through a complete radical transformation.

You will receive: 1. 8 School for Warriors DVDs (one per week each split into daily lessons)

2. School for Warriors Workbook (makes the information on the DVDs habit forming) Combine this with the 24 Jewels, and you'll be literally skipping along with delight with the results of what you're doing. But to make it even more powerful, the third part of my program is my Tai Chi Workout.

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Contents 6 Audio CDs, 3 Bonus CDs, Workbook, 8 DVDs, Tai Chi DVD
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