Insiders Club Terms & Conditions 

In order for us to complete your order and the billing process, you must "accept" the following terms and conditions of the Insiders Club Membership*.

            • I understand that because of the tremendous benefits of this offer, I am making a commitment to remain a member for a 12-month period of time, from the date of my enrollment. I reserve the right to cancel my membership at any time after the commitment period. If I decide to cancel after the 12-month period, I will contact a customer service representative at (800)550-2003 or I will send a cancellation request email to the Director of Memberships to

            • Insiders Club Memberships are available only in the US and Canada.

As a member of the Insiders Club, I will receive free the first six proprietary programs I order, each with a value of up to $100. Any proprietary product that is more than $100 may still be used as a free product, but I will be charged for the amount over $100. This benefit pertains only to titles that were originally published by Nightingale-Conant, including NEW RELEASES! (Those items with a "P" or "SYS" in their product code are not included in this offer.)

            • After I receive my six free programs, I will be able to purchase 3 additional programs per calendar month, each with a value of up to $100, for just $9.95* each. When I choose a Nightingale-Conant title priced over $100, I pay only $9.95* plus the amount over $100. (Example: a $149 program would cost $9.95* plus $49* = $58.95* total).

            • I understand I cannot buy multiple copies of the same title at club prices. However, I am able to purchase duplicates of any title and will receive an Insiders Club member discount of $20 off the regular retail price.

            • As a member, I understand there is a 60 day return policy. If I don't return a program within 60 days, I understand that I will be required to keep it.

            • I authorize Nightingale-Conant to charge my credit card a nonrefundable membership fee of $49.95* each month. I also authorize Nightingale-Conant to charge my card for programs I order, as well as applicable taxes and/or shipping and handling charges. Shipping and handling will be charged as follows: For US customers, $8.95* for the first program within a given shipment, and $2.00* for each additional program within the same shipment. For Canadian customers, $8.95*for the first program within a given shipment, and $3.00* for each additional program within the same shipment.

            • Nightingale-Conant reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time. In such case, I would have no further obligation to this agreement, financial or otherwise.

            • Due to the tremendous savings provided by the Insiders Club, no other discount offers can be applied to this program unless they are offered by the Insiders Club program director.

            • I understand that the programs purchased through the Insiders Club are for personal use only. These programs cannot be offered for resale or retail use of any kind. 

* All currency figures are shown in US dollars and cents 

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