Emotional Mastery Digital Download

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Emotional Mastery Digital Download

Author: Gerald Epstein, M.D.

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12 Audio Sessions including Bonus Audio
(4 hours and 45 minutes) plus PDF Guidebook

Life Transformation Through Higher Consciousness
Anxiety. Fear. Depression. Worry. Panic. Rage. These are distressing feelings that we all experience from time to time. However, during this time of great economic and cultural upheaval, such emotions have become all too common — often a daily occurrence. Are you ready to detach from those distressing emotions and embrace a new way of living that leaves you calm, confident, and creatively alive? These powerful one-minute practices are the keys that will open the door to your better future.

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Transform the energy of any distressing emotion in just one minute!

Take charge of your emotions so they don’t take charge of you!

Mastering your emotions allows you to face any circumstance and use it in a way that benefits you. It literally changes the course of your life. In Emotional Mastery: Life Transformation Through Higher Consciousness, Dr. Gerald Epstein introduces a collection of short imaging techniques that transform the specific challenges you are facing today.

By applying these simple, powerful techniques, you’ll be able to freely dialogue with your Higher Consciousness on your own at any moment — in the heart of your everyday life — so you can:

  • Snap out of a negative state of mind: Use specific techniques to instantly transform depression, anxiety, fear, and other distressing emotions into beneficent emotions that say “yes” to life

  • Find the right job: Discover a powerful one-minute technique you can use each morning to let Higher Consciousness go to work for you in finding the right job for you. Attain peace of mind as you search for fulfilling work

  • Change faulty anchoring beliefs: Achieve total understanding of how your faulty assumptions have bound and enslaved you. Then free yourself from them and move in a new and empowering direction

  • Generate a stream of money: Connect with the energy of the universe so that it brings you the money you need, just for the asking

  • Improve your self-image: Correct negative self-imagery on a deep level so you stop losing energy and feeling downtrodden

  • Create a new perspective for the future: Case studies, explanations of how and why imagery works, and the techniques themselves show you that there are other possibilities for you. You’ll gain hope for the future, without trying to control the future

  • And much more!

Emotional Mastery gives you a powerful skill you can use anytime, anyplace to transform negative emotions and gain a new, constructive perspective in any moment.

Find out just how easy it is to take charge of your emotions so they don’t take charge of you!

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Contents 12 Audio Sessions including Bonus Audio
(4 hours and 45 minutes) plus PDF Guidebook
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