The Theta Code

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The Theta Code

Author: Asara Lovejoy with Bonnie Strehlow


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by Asara Lovejoy with Bonnie Strehlow

Unlock Your Healing Codes
What if you could recapture vitality and health with one simple method? Wouldn’t you want to know how? Wouldn’t you want to choose how healthy you could be? No matter how many times you hear the news that your thoughts affect your health, you may still think that could be true for others but not for you. Here is the good news — With guidance you’ll discover scientific research and proven methods to change the patterns that negatively impact your vitality and health. You’ll walk away with specific easy-to-learn tools that empower you to regain and maintain vibrancy and vitality.


Put control over your health where it belongs — in YOUR hands!

Your Body Does What You Tell It to Do. So COMMAND It to Do What You WANT It to Do. Now and for the Rest of Your Life!

In The Theta Code, world-renowned teacher and bestselling author Asara Lovejoy bridges the distance between knowing your mind can heal your body and actually activating your inherent healing power.

Combining the latest scientific research into the mind-body connection with time-honored healing techniques and wisdom PLUS her world-renowned One Command® method, Asara gives you a simple, consistently reliable, science-supported system for controlling your health and wellness.

Together with renowned energy healer and The One Command® Global Leader Bonnie Strehlow, Asara personally guides you into the miraculous theta brain-wave state, and then tells you how to issue perfect, powerful commands for addressing and controlling virtually any health or wellness issue you face now or will face in the future.

In addition, you’ll hear incredible stories of real people who have used this process to command true healing miracles.

The blueprint for perfect health is imprinted on every cell of your body — right down to your DNA. Let Asara Lovejoy show you the simple secret to unlocking and unleashing its full power, and discover just how healthy, happy, and whole you’re truly meant to be!

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