The Story of Earl Nightingale and His Strangest Secret

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The Story of Earl Nightingale and His Strangest Secret

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by Pam Nightingale

As Told by his daughter Pamela Nightingale
Earl Nightingale is the author of The Strangest Secret. He inspired millions of people, just like you, to set goals and find success. Join us on an incredible adventure through his astounding personal life as a poor barefoot boy, to being invited by the Queen of England to meet with her at Buckingham Palace. Listen and find out how Earl discovered The Strangest Secret, lived a great life doing it, and how you can too.


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Hello, I'm Pamela Nightingale, daughter of the late international best-selling author and radio personality, Earl Nightingale.

I'd like to share with you the true-life story of my father and the personal secrets of his life. This includes behind the scenes details of how he discovered The Strangest Secret

Family stories include how my dad was abandoned by his father, went barefoot as a poor boy living in a tent city through the Great Depression. He fell in love at first sight, lied about his age to join the Marines and miraculously was one of only a few to survive the sinking of the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor. Some say he lived the life of ten men. He played the radio personality of Sky King on WGN, had a talk show, started businesses and felt the sting of scandal, heartache, and health problems. He even received a personal invitation from the Queen of England to visit her at Buckingham Palace.

This book includes the emotional tale of poverty, war, love and scandal. There are laugh out loud pranks he perpetrated on co-workers while working in Chicago. Suspense and uncertainty follow when his daughter, me, almost gets kidnapped and the notorious mafia boss, Sam Giancana, calls to re-assure my dad, “It won’t happen again.” Earl traveled the globe, sometimes sailing his own yacht, speaking and teaching others how to live an abundant life. He partied with celebrities, smoked illegal Cuban cigars with the mayor, and the former King of England. He dealt with PTSD, fought acromegaly, and created the largest syndicated radio program in the world—heard on every continent. But most important, Earl taught others “The Strangest Secret” because he said:

“It would be cruel to tell people how much money I make, but it would be selfish not to show them how I did it.”

Many fans have asked for a book like this. There has been no written biography of Earl Nightingale—only his professional life has been briefly chronicled. Although my dad died in 1989, his work is still popular with those interested in subjects of human character development, motivation, excellence, and a meaningful existence.

In this time of uncertainty and difficulty for many. The time is right to release the inspirational example of how Earl Nightingale lived his life, overcame adversity and limitations to help others do the same. Join me and my cousins on an adventure of a lifetime, as we tell The Story of Earl Nightingale and His Strangest Secret.

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