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Here’s what some of our clients had to say about personal coaching…

Jan, it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to have you as my success coach. In the eight weeks that we have been working together, I have learned so much more from your professional guidance than in the last twenty years of listening to self-help tapes and dvd’s. The one on one coaching sessions are opening my eyes more and more to the adventures of life as presents sent to me.

These presents involve my very existence and in effect evoke from me a twofold opportunity. It is a real testament to your work ethic that you truly put all of your skill in to what you are doing. The endless volumes of knowledge that you have in the conscious part of your brain that are pulled, at a moments notice, from your subconscious is “credible” to say the least. You are true professional, an asset to the Nightingale Conant corporation that you are associated with, and a person who is tuned in to the mentality of the people you coach. I look forward to the continual “growth” journey that I will be embarking on in the next session.

I am grateful for the chance to work with you and I welcome all the opportunities that this universe has to offer. In the last eight weeks my eyes have opened in a different way. What was once looked at as a problematical situation is now viewed as an opportunity. Thank you so much for being my coach — I absolutely will refer you to anyone when the opportunity arises. You are the greatest.” -John Wm. Fischerl

“If I knew I only had 6 months to live, I would want Tom Shields to coach me to my last week. I mean that. I have accomplished so much in the last 14 weeks, and it feels so good to have brought my to-do list up to date.” -Stephen Kishel

“This program looks at every aspect of a person’s life and offers a vision to change what needs changing and reinforces what is good in a person’s life. My coach Tom Shields helped me see what was really holding me back and helped me to my peak performance. Throughout my life I have tried to learn and grow personally and professionally. Personal Success Coaching is the best I have seen for developing the characteristics needed to be successful both personally and professionally. Thank you.” -Jim Mildbrand

“There are not enough great words in the dictionary to describe Jan Payne, my personal coach/private cheerleader. Her intelligent, insightful manner combined with her patient care, guidance and “hand-holding” have changed my life immensely and moved my main goal of writing “My Book” from the something-to-do-someday-dream column into the reality column. I will never be able to thank her or the wonderful folks at Nightingale-Conant adequately. How can you thank someone who has helped turn your life around, gotten your finances in order, and taught you to believe in yourself again? Thank you muchly, Jan!” -Jane A. Sharp

“I have recently completed Lead the Field with my personal Success Coach Jan Payne. Not only did I find Lead the Field to be one of the most outstanding programs I have ever participated in but I would be greatly remiss if I did not contact Nightingale to laud the outstanding abilities of my personal success coach! Jan Payne is truly an extraordinary coach. I was constantly amazed at her ability to keep me on track. I lead an extremely busy life in the fast lane, often handling multi-tasks simultaneously!

Jan was able to keep me focused and committed to completing the program, much to my personal advantage! You might say that I am a “Motivational Addict”. I constantly purchase many programs and tapes as if by just owning them, I might succeed by osmosis! With all the best intentions, I would make a purchase, begin a program at a high energy level, only to get derailed later due to other priorities.

Working with Jan gave me the courage to make MYSELF a priority and to begin to reap my abundant harvest! I was constantly amazed at Jan’s knowledge of the material! She would reference areas of the text (sometimes chapters later) with total ease and familiarity! I often wondered if even the author could remember his text as easily as she could. She had the difficult job of focusing me. She kept me from the typical procrastination that had plagued my hectic existence. Still she firmly took control letting me “lead” as I often needed to, but guided me to complete one of the best chapters of my self-improvement journey!

Jan Payne is truly an outstanding coach and you are very fortunate to have her on your team! If I were Oprah Winfrey, or Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan, I would be soliciting Jan Payne to PERSONALLY work for me as an exclusive Success Coach! Who knows, someday, (very soon, I hope), I too will be in that league and may try to steal her away from your employ! Until then, I am pleased to be able to continue to use her services through your great organization! Congratulations on having one of this world’s greatest employees!” -Joyce E. Guccione

“I contacted you because I had been asked to give the graduation address at our local high school. I knew I needed help, not only with the speech and presentation skills, but also for me to grow and develop as a person. You assured me I had reached the right place to receive the help I was seeking. Coach Tom Shields took every step possible to prepare me internally and emotionally, as well as guide me through the written material and presentation skills. The results were extraordinary. After the speech, not only did I feel ecstatic, but I was surrounded by people telling me what a great speech it was. I had cards congratulating me for giving a wonderful speech and a request to send a copy of the speech to a friend. My husband also received positive feedback thirty miles away where he works. Thank you for the outstanding service Nightingale Conant provides and for recommending Tom Shields to guide me. Now that I have completed the 12 week Personal Success Coaching Program, I feel I have emerged a new person.” -Mary Ellen Laswell

“I have been in sales for over ten years with the 3M corporation. I have attended dozens of continuing education seminars and workshops, as well as invested in audio programs, books, and have done telecoaching through another organization. Your Personal Success Coaching program has not only been the most thorough, but has had the largest impact on my growth! Within six months from the beginning of our coaching, I have increased my income by 20%!” -Christopher Yonker

“Having my Nightingale Conant coach has had a tremendous impact on my life in a short period of time. I am now quickly realizing cherished goals I had worked towards on my own literally for years with little result, including new work, a new level of physical fitness and health, and a more beautiful, comfortable home — not to mention greater confidence and respect.” -Sharon Heringer

“My Personal Success Coach…what can I say? Extremely intelligent, friendly, insightful, patient, just a few of the many words needed to desribe him. His work with me was nothing short of astounding!” -Dave Doering

“I have worked with my coach Tom Shields for over a year on virtually every aspect of my life — on topics and life issues involving personal relationships, health related issues as well as work and career related matters. He has helped me in every single area of my life. Tom has delivered what he has promised — not just a non-judgmental listening ear to problems, but sound advice which, when followed, has proven very effective at helping to resolve internal conflict and a way to deal with the issues that confront us all in one form or another.” -J. Christopher Jackson

“My hat’s off to you, Carla Fryling, for breaking the lock, throwing the gate open wide and allowing my enthusiasm and excitement to run like a team of wild stallions. Your barrier-breaking abilities are indeed the power tools in the workshop of life. Thank you for coaching me to another of those wonderful figuring-it-out moments and giving me the opportunity to feel the freedom and sense of being in control that comes from doing something because I chose to. It certainly adds new meaning to living on purpose.” -J. Kent Erickson

“What a great concept! My coach – wow! She see more than ‘the student’, she sees the whole person…she supported me totally with great insight and wisdom…I’ve attended seminars with Brian Tracy and read some of his books, however, this Personal Success Coaching Program is the ultimate for helping us to pinpoint the exact area we want to improve upon and have the ‘instant’ feedback, support, and encouragement. Thank you!” -Carolyn Brown

“My coach was both an outstanding coach and individual. Based on my coaching experience I have built a foundation for my business, professional and personal goals. I have developed a seminar that I will be presenting at a professional conference this fall. I have begun working on a book and have increased my clients in my private practice. I have even lost 5 pounds! I have also made some investment changes to enhance my future financial security. I will not hesitate to recommend my coach and the Brian Tracy Coaching Program to my colleagues and friends.” - Nick Seferlis

“My coach really and truly did support my vision and goals. She provided a structure for me. She was always straight with me, and never confrontational. She invited me to look at things from different perspectives and got me in touch with my heart and my magnificence. Other people in my life – friends, coworkers, family – usually have an agenda. It’s great to have a true listener, support and partner.” -Ted Epstein

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