Jeff Krug

Jeff KrugBio: Jeff Krug, President of J.L. Krug & Associates has been coaching individuals for over 26 years. Prior to starting his own business Jeff worked in the corporate world where he sold, trained and developed marketing programs. As a sales manager Jeff coached his people to achieve success. He is a Charter Life Memberof the National Association of Business Coaches (NABC), now known as the WABC, and served as an Executive Board Member for 3 years. Jeff holds three coaching certifications – Certified Business Coach (CBC), focusing on the small and medium size business; Certified Executive Coach (CEC); and Registered Corporate Coach (RCC). The CEC and RCC focus on the senior executive and corporate levels. He is also qualified in the DISC as well as administrating and coaching from 360 assessments.Jeff’s style of coaching involves collaboration of both client and coach. Known to his clients as the “question man”, Jeff Krug combines his listening skills and business knowledge in helping individuals and organizations to better communicate and organize for success. This method of coaching helps the client to achieve results in both his/her professional and personal life.Jeff has worked with clients on a variety of areas from managing their time to office reorganization. He has also assisted with the improvement and the increase of sales, both personal and with sales departments. Besides coaching, his areas of expertise are time management training and goal setting/problem solving training. What Coaching clients say:“Working with Jeff Krug has caused me to focus on those areas of my career that are the most important.”"Since we began working together I am doing a better job of managing my time plus, I am much better organized. In 2000 I can attribute an increase of 125k to working with Jeff. ”

“Jeff has caused me focus on what is important. I am setting specific goals and reaching them, which is something I didn’t do. My business is growing because of my work with Jeff. I am also using him when I work with associates and dual-partnerships. I recommend him often, because I feel a coach is an important part of being successful in today’s market place.”

“The areas of coaching directly fit with those areas that the 360 survey showed “needs improvement.” Hands on coaching is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than any single or multiple day seminar.”

“My problems were time management and organization. Jeff has helped me to anywhere from 1 to 2 hours a week of uninterrupted time, which allows me to get a great deal accomplished, which I wasn’t before. I have found that I am a much better organized individual and I better understand my strengths and weaknesses. I have also learned how to better handle people, especially direct reports.”

“Jeff has coached me to chart a new course by starting my own freelance business “Accountants Plus”. I cannot wait to begin each day. This is just the challenge I needed. In only five months, I now have five clients, have been able to increase my hourly rates, and provide a education class to other small business owners.”

“I contacted Jeff Krug when I was preparing for a late-in-life career change. Jeff helped me assess my business skills, prepare me for interviews, strengthen my organization and management abilities and overall, build confidence for the entire hiring process. In a relatively short time I was successful in obtaining exactly the job I wanted and was best suited for. I am very satisfied with my association with Jeff Krug.”