Robert R. Hartung

Robert R. HartungBio: Bob is the President of Performance Gains, Inc. based in Hoffman Estates, IL. Prior to starting his “Resulting Practice” in 1996, he spent 13 years in various management positions for Sears and 14 years in the transportation industry. His background and experience includes Sales, Senior Management, Operations, Customer Service and Human Resources.

Some of Bob’s results include:

  • Author of the Book “Beating The Time Bandits: How to Transform Time Into Success, Wealth & Happiness”
  • Built a Regional office from Start up to $2.5m and opened 2 satellite offices with revenues in excess of $2.0m in four years
  • While coaching a company owner, helped turn a 20% decrease into a 40% increase in just 6 months.
  • Working with the owner & management team increased Profits $240,000 in 10 months
  • Working with 2 partners, increased sales of one division by 107% in 14 months and 18% in the second division
  • Coached a salesperson to go from start up to Number 1 in the division; more than doubled quota. Client is 2 years ahead of his planned sales.

Some of Bob’s additional accomplishments include:

  • Many of Bob’s original clients are still with him 10 years later. (He still has the first client he obtained when he started his business in 1996!)
  • In 1999, he was a finalist for the Business Ledger Emerging Entrepreneurial Business Achievement Award during his second year in business
  • The 2004 Chairman for the Greater O’Hare Association Of Commerce & Industry; serves on the College of DuPage Business Advisory Board; Chairman if the Government Affairs Team
  • He has received national accreditation from SMEI as a Certified Sales Executive
  • VP for training for his local Toastmasters Club
  • Certified trainer, facilitator and coach in the area of Leadership Development
  • Conducts seminars and workshops on improving personal and business performance & Time Management
  • Extensive expertise in the area of employee selection, training, development and reducing turnover
  • Has interviewed over 2,000 people; hired and trained 400+ people in his career
  • Chapter President, Regional VP and National Program Director for the US Jaycees

Client Testimonials

“…The weekly, progressive reinforcement of the exercises and your feedback, coupled with the continuous stream of insightful distinctions made the experience life changing. I have a sharply increased sense of clarity, focus and confidence about where I’m going and how I am going to get there. My core values are defined and in a clear order of priority. Each of my personal goals in every area of my life is a true reflection of my deepest core values. There is no longer inner conflict. I am more peaceful about my future. I have grown as a human being…”
— Garth Allen, Business Owner

“…Working with you has helped me clarify my long term vision and goals, and it has reinforced those worthwhile and priceless values that don’t always line up with our predominant culture. Perhaps the most simple and helpful principal I’ve learned is the Law of the Excluded Alternative. If one is not engaged in tasks that move the person in the direction of their goals then those goals are simply not being achieved…”
— Jake St. John, Builder, Owner

“…I can’t put a price on the things that you taught me. I have listened to motivational CD’s and read books and I did learn things from them but they all seemed to have something missing. I know I was going in the right direction but you got me there fast… You allowed me to see things in a way that makes sense to me, it’s like the picture isn’t fuzzy anymore… Thanks to you I have the tools I need to get to where I want to go…”
— Jose Velázquez, Carpenter

Testimonials continued…

“…Thank you for pointing me in the right direction…your insights and suggestions are great and I am learning SO Much…My assistant has already noticed the changes in me…I get more things done and am more focused and organized! Through you, I am becoming the person I want to be…”
— Marion Grant, Owner, Bio-Med Lab

“… There were hundreds of details to get where I am today. Some of the decisions I have made are enormous and scary. But now that they are made, I feel lighter. I want to acknowledge you for being there for me week after week. I also want to acknowledge you for giving me good feedback that was honest. Having you as a coach gave me a structure outside of my routines that helped me focus on my priorities… One technique that you used almost weekly that had the greatest impact was to keep my conversations positive and to be attentive to the words that I used. Thank you.”
— Bob Gowan, Veterinarian

“Inside each one of use is the desire to be fulfilled and give our best … over the past months, you have brought out the best in me… your approach and insight is invaluable and over the next 12 months, your insight and direction will provide the catalyst for the change and results that I look forward to. My commitment to myself, my family and yes you is that as my future passion becomes my reality, my heartfelt words of “thank you” are expressed for all to hear.”
— David Mauldwin, RE Sales

“I started this program with one real goal in mind – get my personal training business into a commercial space. During the course of the weeks/months that I have worked with you, that and more has happened. As I type this, the commercial space should be completed in the next couple of weeks. In addition, during the time of making this transition from a business that was as big as me to something larger, you have helped me to transcend past the limitations that I was putting on myself and make me more aware of how to improve my efficiencies.”
— Jim Cook Personal Trainer

“I just wanted to drop you a note and say Merry Christmas and to let you know how I was doing. We had our RE/MAX Christmas party last night. I was given the award for the Rookie of the year. This was based on my sales commissions for the year. I was also named to the 100% club for commissions between $100,000-$200,000. I had 6 closings in Nov. and I’ll have 7 for Dec. I want you to know that I appreciate you help this year. There were times I think I would have given up but you helped me reach high and try harder.”
— Karen Young, RE Associate

” I’ve gone deeper into my “self” than ever before. I am a Nightingale-Conant junkie and have purchased a number of educational courses in the past. When I was contacted about personal coaching, I decided to try the program. I haven’t been disappointed…My advice to a new student would be this: you’ll get out of this program only what you put into it. Unfortunately there’s no magic switch that Bob can turn on and off for you. He’s an experienced guide and his job is to help make your journey into your inner complexities more understandable and to challenge you along the way.”
— Scott Spanbauer, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

” I have found a superior will power that I have been seeking all my life. A self-discipline that I knew I had but now can tap into anytime I want. It makes me feel like anything is possible and inevitable for me…I Developed incredible self discipline; lost 25lbs, am working out 3x week, and training daily…”
Tony Viscovich, Karate School Owner/Instructor

“Just wanted to thank you for all your help the past year and for how you helped me become more productive and a better manager in my business and personal life. The year was an extremely stressful one due to my Mother’s death as well as serious business problems. You helped me to deal with my “issues” in a logical, supportive and constructive manner that helped see me through… I’ve increased my business collections by a factor of 3! You guided me through a firing and re-hiring process of my office manager. My office is now running much more efficiently and with less stress. I was at a point where I wanted to sell my office and find a new career. Now I enjoy going to my office and treating my patients!”
— S. Tetzlaff, D.C.