Ben Dooley, CPCC, ACC

Ben DooleyBio: Okay, it’s my guess that you’re reading this because you’re wanting to make a difference in your life—be it career, money, relationships, weight loss, achieving goals, or creating a life that you love. So let me ask you this: on a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with your life right now? (“1″ would be “completely dissatisfied, everything has to change,” and “10″ would be “Wow, it’s so perfect right now, I wouldn’t change a thing.”) It’s my guess that you’re somewhere in the middle there.Got that number? Good.Perhaps you’re feeling stuck or frustrated. Maybe you are in the middle of a major transition in your life, or there’s a goal you want to achieve. Maybe you feel that change is just not possible, or there’s that voice that’s in your head telling you, “Who do you think you are?” or “You don’t deserve that,” or “You’re not important.”Well, I’m here to tell you that you are.

You see, I work with people just like you, in a manner that truly makes them realize what it’s like to be the STAR in their lives. My experience as an actor and as a personal coach has taught me how to stay connected to my passions and dreams, as well as transform obstacles and failure into opportunity and success. There is no dream too big, and no purpose too small. I know from experience just how rewarding and fulfilling living with passion and purpose can truly be.

And I want you to know that feeling, too.

It’s all about breaking old habits and creating new ones, going through transitions and changes with structure and support, and exploring new ways to increase your life satisfaction. Together we can uncover the fears and limiting beliefs that get in the way, and (more importantly) we can work to overcome those roadblocks so you can move forward down the path toward your success. Along the way you may create enriching relationships and discover great value in your day to day living. I know about success—how to dream it, how to achieve it, and how to live it… not someday, but NOW.

My “BeDo” coaching approach is simple. “Who you are BEing supports the actions you are DOing in order to have the life you desire and deserve.”

So while that all sounds exciting, you may be interested to know a little about my coaching background:

  • Life Coaching in Personal success and Fulfillment.- CTI, (The Coaches Training Institute.)
  • Business development for entrepreneur.- Entrevis
  • Relationship coaching and Team Building. – CTI and The Center for Right Relationship.
  • Certified by the International Coaching Federation. (PCC—less than 25 in Illinois)
  • And well versed in many of Nightingale’s amazing programs.
“Sure, that’s great,” you say, “but what about your past clients? What do they get from working with you?”Good question. Here are some of their own words:”Working with Ben allowed me to hear myself. I was able to face my life long struggle with depression and how it touched every nuance of my life—every decision or inability to make one, every relationship, career moves, parenting skills, even my health… and to start living life to its fullest.”
- Gail K.“Ben Dooley provided me with both the inspiration and concrete goals necessary to smash a ten-year-old Writer’s Block.”
- Margie G.

“I have learned my only competition is myself. … My biggest fear is failure, but I am the one that holds myself back.”
- N.W.

“I have been busy non-stop, acting in theatre, movies, TV, and now have three agents. The gems imparted have been deeply internalized, and I do not think of them consciously anymore, but I assume they are working!”
- P.M.

“Ben is a brilliant coach, who has helped me embrace my creativity, stay focused on my goals, and has been my champion. He helps you tap into your already abundant source of personal power and creativity, always in a positive, encouraging manner. I can’t imagine ever finding a more passionate, creative, and inspiring life coach.”
– Pam. T.

My clients experience powerful coaching full of Commitment, Compassion, Challenges, Support, Accountability, Learning, and Celebration. As your coach, I’m dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, to make your dreams a reality, and have the life your desire and deserve.

By the way, remember that number you gave yourself—how satisfied you are with your life? Well, now imagine that number has increased by one, two, or even three more. What would it be like for you to live at an 8, 9, or even a 10 (where everything is perfect and you wouldn’t change a thing)?

In other words, what’s it like to be the STAR of your life? Work with me and you just might find out.