The Essence of Success

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The Essence of Success

Author: Earl Nightingale


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by Earl Nightingale

Discover the most powerful collection of success secrets ever published!
A master at using words, expressed in simple, easy-to-understand terms that have allowed tens of thousands of people to exceed even their most ambitions goals. This program is filled with powerful insights and life-changing instructions that are distilled into a body of work you can use in just 30 days… and immediately begin seeing progressive results. Simply by listening to it and applying its easy-to-follow ideas, you'll arm yourself with the necessary tools you need to live the life you desire. Following this message, become the reason that grows your company's business by 20% each year... or become one of the most highly respected leaders in your community. This is a message that can put you on the path to becoming a Fortune 500 CEO listed in the Who's Who of Entrepreneurs. Or make you wealthy enough to donate thousands of dollars to your favorite charities.


Discover Earl Nightingale's legendary problem solving program

This audio book is divided into ten volumes.

Volumes I through VI help you develop an excellent attitude, enhance your self-esteem, foster your creative genius, set and achieve goals, harness your mind’s power, and explain the elements of personal growth.

Volumes VII and VIII deal with critical success factors such as writing skills, public speaking skills, effective communication skills, and fostering excellent relationships.

Volumes IX and X will teach you how to achieve success and happiness throughout your life.

Experience the magic that started the personal and professional development industry and created Nightingale - Conant.

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