Secrets of Power Performance

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Secrets of Power Performance

Author: Roger Dawson


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In, The Secrets of Power Persuasion, Roger Dawson brings his sharp insights and strong ideas to personal performance and life itself. The potential for power performance is in all of us! Become a Power Performer - make your life an adventure!


Have you ever wondered how a person becomes a "Power Performer" and lives an exceptional life?

Do you know people who seem to lead a charmed life? Nothing ever seems difficult or complicated for them. They get straight A's in school. Move into a fast-track career and advance swiftly. They effortlessly find a perfect mate to share their lives, and then raise a family of wonderful, talented children. If they agonize over anything, it sure doesn't show.

How is it that some people seem to get so much more out of life, while others must put forth a great effort just to get by? It's no accident that certain individuals excel, while others merely exist.

Now Roger Dawson, author of the top-selling programs The Secrets of Power Negotiating, Confident Decision Making, and The Secrets of Power Persuasion brings his sharp insights and strong ideas to personal performance and life itself. Dawson, in his ever-present style of grace and wit, takes the next logical step from negotiating skills and persuasion techniques, to explain lifestyle philosophy and overall performance principles. If you've learned and benefited from Roger's previous three programs, you simply cannot miss this program that reveals more of the Roger Dawson you've come to appreciate than ever before! (And if you haven't experienced Roger's unusual approach to skill building and attitude, there's no better time to start than right now!)

The potential for power performance is in all of us!

Releasing this untapped energy can set you on the road to understanding The Secrets of Power Performance.

In this comprehensive program, Roger Dawson presents a guide to living a more fulfilling life. Through his insight, experiences, and instruction, he challenges you to become a Power Performer. You'll learn to identify and overcome the things that are holding you back. As you begin to grow into a Power Performer, you'll begin to take responsibility for your own life. You'll develop methods of dealing with everyday experiences. You'll promote a wellness of being ... a sense of strength for interacting better in business and in personal situations.

We have so much more power inside us ... we can do so much more!

For example, Roger explains the true power of choice and how it affects you. How your visions can be brought into focus as you define a self-image. How to become more confident and learn to avoid the situations that drag you down to lower levels of performance. How to make money, not just earn it.

Roger also devotes an entire session to any Power Performer's most valuable source: time. By organizing and using time better, you'll be better equipped to take control and channel your internal energy into those priorities most important and satisfying to you.

Become a Power Performer - make your life an adventure!

Your energy and desire for a fulfilling life are already within you. You simply need to draw them out and attract life's opportunities to you. Roger Dawson will show you how. Step by step, you will begin to define your future. By learning the secrets of power performance, you will determine the direction of your life.

Get the best out of yourself and others!

Gain complete control of your life ... become a person who seizes the moment and finds the promise of each new day exhilarating. As a result, you'll get the most from the great adventure called "life." And when you discover the secrets of power performance, you will realize that the quality of your life makes all the difference.

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