Win Wenger, Ph.D., and Richard Poe

As a pioneer in the fields of creativity, creative method, accelerated learning, and brain and mind development, Dr. Win Wenger, Ph.D., has been researching intelligence and min development for over 30 years. Formerly a college professor, Dr. Wenger is a trainer renowned around the world, and is the author of 48 published books.

Dr. Wenger is also the founder of Project Renaissance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing individuals' potential and accelerating the dawning of a new Renaissance. He currently resides in Maryland with his wife, Susan, and a friendly dog. The Wengers have two grown daughters and one gifted grandson.Win Wenger and Richard Poe combined brilliance to create Nightingale-Conant's program The Einstein Factor. In this audio program, you can take advantage of the same creative methods used by geniuses such as Einstein, Tesla, and Leonardo da Vinci.

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