Michael Wickett, Ed Bernd Jr., Jose Luis Romero and JoNell Monaco Lytle

JoNell Monaco Lytle is a Certified Silva Systems Trainer. Through the Silva Techniques she is a singer, dancer, actress, comedian, published author, composer, scriptwriter, recording artist, and Self-Healing Facilitator.

In l973 she became a Certified Trainer for the Silva Systems. In the last 28 years she has lectured internationally and received four awards for her impressive success rate in helping the homeless return to rewarding lifestyles. In 1988, JoNell was the first Silva Trainer to introduce the Silva techniques to four major cities of the Soviet Union.

Recently, she shared the Silva techniques in a number of Australian cities and conducted a free class for an Aboriginal group. She attributes all of her successes to the inspiration and techniques she received from Jose Silva.Michael Wickett has been a trainer, seminar leader and consultant for over twenty years. His customized sales programs have enabled many companies to break industry records. Among his impressive list of clients are the Ford Motor Company, State Farm Insurance, Merrill-Lynch, Transamerica, Hyatt Hotels, Canon USA and the Virtual Technology Group. A much sought after speaker, he also conducts self-esteem and drug awareness programs at correctional facilities. He also works with recovering alcoholics through the Salvation Army. Michael has recorded twenty-one cassette learning programs that have helped people in many walks of life. Among these is the popular Nightingale-Conant program Its All Within Your Reach. Michael attributes his success to the consistent implementation of the Silva techniques in his life.ED BERND, JR. is an award-winning Silva lecturer. He took the Silva course in 1975, and received so many benefits that he became an instructor two years later. In 1981, Jose Silva asked him to join the headquarters staff in Laredo, Texas, as the Editor and Director of Company Communications. Besides editing the Silva company newsletter since 1981, Ed has been involved in numerous projects. He has authored or coauthored more than a dozen books on the Silva Method. He helped develop the Silva Star Athlete program in 1986 to guide athletes in using visualization and mental rehearsal to improve their performance. He developed the Silva Sales Power Program in 1990, to teach sales people how to use the untapped powers of their minds to increase their sales and income. Ed's hobbies are weightlifting and auto racing.JOSE LUIS "PEPE" ROMERO joined the Silva organization at Jose Silva's request shortly after he graduating from college with a BBA from Texas A&I University. Pepe has been involved in every phase of the Silva organization. Since 1983 he has been an officer of the Silva International Graduate Association. In 1992 he was named Director of United States Silva Instructors. In 1997 he worked directly with Jose Silva to help to establish a new course: Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System. Pepe is now the Director of Jose Silva's Ultra Mind ESP System. Since then, Pepe has devoted his time to further development of Jose Silva's UltraMind ESP System, and also continues to promote Silva's Holistic Faith Healing Course. Pepe and his wife Sylvia live in Laredo, Texas with their three children: Valerie, Carlos, and Adriana.

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