The Vocare Group

Nina Frost, Dr. Kenneth Ruge, and Dr. Richard Shoup

Nina Frost is a career counselor in private practice working with mid-career individuals who want to explore other fields as well as issues of discernment and purposefulness in their work. As a co-founder of The Vocare Group, she designs workshops and retreats focusing on self-awareness and the challenges posed by career and personal transitions. Past positions include president of The Corporate Word, Inc., a communications consulting firm with clients in many industries. She is the author of Successful Model Letter for Executives.

Dr. Kenneth Ruge is a psychotherapist and consultant with The Vocare Group. For the past 23 years he has taught and consulted to such organizations as AT&T, Goldman Sachs, Chase Manhattan Bank, the U.S. Army, Columbia Business School, and AIG. He is known for his incisive and humorous presentations coupled with imaginative group exercises. He is the author of Where Do I Go From Here?, a book about change and discernment.

Dr. Richard Shoup is a psychotherapist, couples counselor, corporate consultant, and co-founder of The Vocare Group, which offers seminars in career transition, leadership development, team-building, and other human resource concerns. He is the author of Take Control of Your Life. He is a recognized authority on human relationships and life change and is on the faculty at the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute in New York City.

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