Sidney Friedman

Sidney Friedman

As featured on numerous TV shows, including NBC-TV's TODAY SHOW, ABC-TV's THE VIEW, ABC-TV's 20/20 and CBS-TV's THE EARLY SHOW, Sidney Friedman is a national best-selling author and one of the world's leading mentalists, sometimes called "The Musical Mentalist." He is noted for his exceptional mind power, especially his gift of what is known as "Music Mindreading," where audience members think of song melodies then Friedman "telepathically" senses each tune and plays them on the piano. Many of these same extra-mental abilities are taught in MIND DYNAMICS.

Deemed "mentalist to the stars" by FORBES magazine for his celebrity clients, Friedman has presented his MIND POWER SHOW and MIND POWER SEMINAR in 45 of the 50 states, every major city in Canada, throughout the Caribbean and in various parts of Europe.

TODAY SHOW host Hoda Kotb states, "A few people are better at seeing the future than others, like mentalist Sidney Friedman. We love Sidney!" The CHICAGO TRIBUNE writes, "Sidney Friedman is the master of all things psychic." The NEW YORK POST's Carrie Seim writes that Friedman is "eerily accurate!" On that note, Sidney is well-known for his annual news predictions stated on news and talk shows around the country. Over 20 years, he has a 73% accuracy.

In addition to his performances and seminars, Sidney is the author of the national best-selling book YOUR MIND KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO which reached #8 on AMAZON.

Friedman's corporate clients include Dean Witter, Smith Barney, John Hancock, Campbell's Soup, American Express, United Airlines, McDonald's, Quaker Oats, Harris Bank, Navteq, Motorola, Nortel, Abbott, Merck and hundreds more, plus over 160 charity events in the last 7 years, helping raise millions of dollars for various organizations.

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