Robert White

Robert WhiteRobert White's experience encompasses almost 30 years in the training and human resource development industry. He was President of Mind Dynamics Inc., the pioneer personal growth seminar company, and was founder and President of Lifespring Inc. Robert White was founder, Chairman, and CEO of ARC International from 1972-2000 and worked closely with its clients, individual and corporate, throughout Asia, South America, Europe, and North America. ARC International, under Robert's leadership, graduated over 500,000 participants from its high-impact experiential seminars.Robert White was elected a Fellow of The World Business Academy in 1999.

The World Scout Foundation honored Robert as a Baden Powell Fellow. Robert co-founded One World, One People Foundations in the USA, Japan, and Hong Kong - non profit organizations that have donated over one million U.S. dollars to charities doing environmental education and those working to end child abuse and neglect. Developing extraordinary personal leadership abilities, capacity, and effectiveness is Robert's personal mission.Based on intensive work with over a half million people worldwide, Living An Extraordinary Life acknowledges that we all have what it takes to live a life of fulfillment, success and abundance - if we are willing to take charge of our lives and discover the true meaning of personal responsibility. In other words, knowing how to live an extraordinary life is not a mystery.

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