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Power Under Pressure Digital Download

Author: Robert Kriegel, Ph.D.

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12 Audio Sessions (6 hours and 19 minutes)

by Robert Kriegel, Ph.D.

How to Be at Your Best When the Heat Is On
The business world today is changing at a rapid rate. Competition is tougher than ever before. And the state of the economy is never a sure thing. It all adds up to high pressure for high achievers who want to succeed in their work and their lives. With Power Under Pressure, you'll learn to perform at peak levels while reducing the stress that many people think goes hand in hand with top performance. You see, if we are to succeed, we need to learn to not only reduce stress but maximize performance.

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While Others Panic and Run for Cover... You Win... with Power Under Pressure!

Jangling telephones... office politics... endless meetings... bumbling bosses... impossible deadlines... late suppliers... defective parts... budget slashes... salary give-backs... layoffs... product recalls.. lawsuits... strikes... bankruptcies...

Welcome to Corporate America! No wonder most of us feel stressed under pressure, most of the time. But you don't need to. With Dr. Robert Kriegel's performance program you can be at your best when it counts the most. According to Dr. Kriegel, we react to pressure in one of three ways. We try too hard, which puts us in the Panic Zone. We withdraw from the competition, which puts us in the Drone Zone. Or we more than meet the challenge, and perform in the C-Zone where we're at your best. That's when everything is going right for us. We're on a roll. We're at our most productive and most impressive.

Top Performers Do It All the Time!

Dr. Kreigel believed that top performers cross the C-Zone threshold more easily and frequently than the rest of us. And once there, they stay there longer. He reasoned that if you could unlock the secrets of entering this "special state" of power under pressure, he could help us all. So for the past 25+ years, he has consulted with and coached top performers from all high-pressure fields. He has now accomplished his mission and presents the techniques you need to become an outstanding performer in today's pressure-filled world.

In Power Under Pressure: How to Make Stress Work Positively for You, you will learn:

  • How to perform at peak levels in high pressure situations

  • Four action steps for increasing your confidence, control, composure and effectiveness under fire

  • How to recognize the warning signs telling you fear is affecting your performance

  • Several tactics for changing irrational fear-driven thinking to reality-based thinking

  • The single most significant trait shared by all high pressure "superstars"

  • The three steps in preparing for a high-pressure situation

  • How to recognize Panic Zone and Drone Zone behavior, and what to do about it

  • How to identify and overcome obstacles to your C-Zone performance

  • Five steps to make mental imagery work for you

  • Self-programming techniques used by world-class athletes and performers in all fields

Under Pressure, it's not that we don't know what to do.... but that we don't do what we know." -Dr. Robert Kriegel

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