Robert Jordan

Robert JordanRobert Jordan is a self-proclaimed 'serial entrepreneur' as well as a bestselling author of the book How They Did It. He is an Inc. 500 CEO and founded Online Access, the first Internet-coverage magazine in the world. After the sale of Online Access, Robert Jordan launched two companies: RedFlash, an interim management team; and interimCEO/interimCFO, a worldwide network for interim, contract, and project executives.10 entrepreneurs collectively worth more than $18 billion share their groundbreaking strategies in Robert Jordan's new 6-CD audio program, How They Did It: Real World Advice from Today's Most Successful Entrepreneurs, published by Nightingale-Conant.In this first-of-its-kind program, Robert Jordan sits down one-on-one with today's most successful company founders, who represent over 300 years' worth of hands-on business experience. In the interview-style audio, these founders present key insights, business lessons, and the secrets that enabled them to create $100 million-plus businesses from scratch.The first-person accounts shared with Robert Jordan show how each entrepreneur fought through challenges, took great risks, experienced breakthroughs, and accomplished amazing feats. Through each of these stories Jordan teaches listeners where to find potential goldmines in business, how to win every negotiation, how to change one's method of communication, and which current business ideas don't work today.'What I've found is that most entrepreneurs don't strive for the extraordinary,' says Jordan. 'They follow the herd and get the same results the herd gets. I want to show how anybody who wants it can break through and turn a vision into a real-world, successful business.'

Robert Jordan's business and entrepreneurial background

Robert Jordan received his bachelor's degree from the Honors College at the University of Michigan and his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.A free audio sample of Robert Jordan's program How They Did It is available for a limited time. Listen how Robert exposes valuable insights as he interviews today's wealthiest and most successful entrepreneurs and business people.

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