Peter Montoya

Peter MontoyaAfter graduating from the University of California, Irvine with a degree in political science, Peter Montoya went to work for a nationally recognized sales trainer.

During the next five years, he lived in 25 major cities and performed over 2,000 training sessions in every industry. Then he was hired by an advertising agency to offer seminars. These seminars focused on a radical new concept: personal branding. When steadily increasing numbers of service professionals began attending these seminars, Peter realized the entire country was begging for a personal branding revolution. Soon, he left to start his own firm - Peter Montoya Inc..Peter Montoya Inc. has met every conceivable marketing challenge for an impressive collection of clients - with thousands of clients representing every type of profession.

Through public seminars and private presentations, Peter educates tens of thousands of professionals yearly. He delivers more than 100 speeches each year and spends half the year on the road interfacing with clients.Peter is a busy man. In addition to running an advertising agency and performing over 100 seminars per year, he is also the publisher of Personal Branding magazine and is conducting further research on the personal branding phenomenon. But his true passion is leading the personal branding revolution, transforming armies of service professionals from mere salespeople to master marketers.

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