Paula Oleska

paula_oleskaFor more than 20 years, Paula Oleska, M.A., has been dedicated to teaching people how to tap into their inner wisdom and resources by using original and cutting edge kinesthetic techniques.Even though her original passion was for languages (she obtained her M.A. in English and American Literature), through her personal journey of physical and emotional healing, she developed a great interest in brain research and integration.

By understanding the secret powers hidden within the human mind, Paula Oleska discovered shortcuts to achieving amazing results in all areas of life.By combining neuroscience, specialized kinesiology, psychology, spirituality, and her own experiences, Paula has created a new, powerful modality called Brain Upgrade. She uses this proprietary mind and life instruction in her busy private practice in New York to help individuals and groups achieve personal and professional success.

Her special interest in the Emotional Brain led her to develop the powerful pioneering techniques presented in her newest audio program titled Your Secret Brain: Discover how a BRAIN UPGRADE Can Give You Peace of Mind, Joy, and More Fulfillment in Your Life.As a sought-after speaker, Paula Oleska speaks frequently at professional conferences and seminars throughout North America and Europe. She has also presented and published numerous papers on such topics as left brain'right brain integration, the effects of movement on intelligence and creativity, and other intelligence-related subjects. She has been on the faculties of Baruch College School of Continuing Education, the New York Open Center, and the Chesapeake Institute of Play Therapy. Paula has been interviewed on both television and radio about emotional intelligence, movement and intelligence, attention deficit disorder, and other topics. Her articles have been translated into Norwegian and French, and published in Great Britain, Norway, France, and Belgium.

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