Roger Dawson and Mike Summey

Roger Dawson and Mike SummeyMike and Roger first met when Mike hired Roger to speak at an outdoor advertising convention in 1986. Since that time, they have become close friends who respect and admire each other's unique talents and skills.

Mike and Roger have come together in this audio program to bring you investment strategies that will allow you to build a strong financial future, using your spare time. If you are serious about wanting to turn your life around and become rich investing in real estate, this program can show you how to do it. They will show you how to become a Weekend Millionaire.Mike Summey purchased his first investment property, a single-family home, at age 34.

While working a demanding job, he used his spare time to purchase hundreds of houses, apartments, and commercial rental properties - over half of which he owns free and clear. He retired at age 50 with a seven-figure annual income from his properties.Roger Dawson was president of one of California's largest real estate firms before becoming an internationally recognized negotiating expert. His students have invested over $30 million in his Nightingale-Conant audio program The Secrets of Power Negotiating.

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