Matt Furey

matt-furey-200x200 Matt Furey is a self-made success in the business world, as a direct result of his champion-level skills in wrestling and martial arts. A runner-up state champion wrestler in high school, then a member of multiple collegiate champion wrestling teams, Furey began a personal training business in 1987 and went on to train several high school wrestlers who graduated to college teams.

Intrigued by the physical, mental, and philosophical links between wrestling and martial arts, in 1990 Furey began an intense study of kung fu and later the ancient Chinese grappling art of Shuai-Chiao. His training paid off with three national titles and, in 1997, Furey became the first American ever to win a gold medal in a kung fu competition held in mainland China.

In 1996, Furey published his first book and videos, entitled The Martial Art of Wrestling. His experience marketing this package on the Internet launched his successful online business ventures. His email marketing style and strategies have become known as The Furey Method.

In addition to 101 Ways to Magnetize Money, Furey has authored several books, including Combat Conditioning, Combat Abs, The Unbeatable Man, The Fastest Way Humanly Possible to Burn Fat, Combat Stretching, Gama Fitness, and Magnetic Mind Power. Furey also has been featured on numerous magazine covers, including Grappling, Inside Kung Fu, Karate Illustrated, Gladiator, and Martial Arts Illustrated.

Currently Furey is president of the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, dedicated to spreading the teachings of Dr. Maxwell Maltz, author of the 30-million-copy bestseller Psycho-Cybernetics. He lives with his wife and two children in Tampa, Florida, and Hainan Island, China.

Matt Furey loves creating world-class results in whatever he's involved in. Whether it's the sports arena, the business world, martial arts, copywriting, or coaching others, he's fully committed to the task at hand. Furey's fusion of the spirit of his martial arts training with high-powered mental imagery and deep breathing exercises helped him create a multi-million dollar info-publishing business.

Known as 'The Zen Master of the Internet,' Furey brings an awareness and presence into all he does that deeply connects with all whom he coaches. He brings a unique, fresh, invigorating and somewhat 'Eastern' approach to Psycho-Cybernetics and Maxwell Maltz's Theatre of the Mind. Whatever point you're at in your personal or professional journey, you can expect great things to happen in your life when you hang on Matt Furey's every word.

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