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Author: Larry Janesky

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by Larry Janesky

For those who want to do more and achieve more.
In this new "MUZE" audio style, you’ll receive a unique fusion of powerful personal development education and music in a way. I guarantee you have never heard before (because it never existed!) by the best author you’ve never heard of before because we just “discovered” him, after he worked for 33 years gaining a reputation as THE leader and co-builder of hundreds of businesses in his niche industry.



"Motivational, Educational, Entertaining, and Ultimately Uplifting to Your Spirit."

Masterpiece is the first album in an entirely new genre of audio I call "Muze". It's a combination of music and voice mixed to enhance learning and understanding, and to inspire and motivate.

Written words carry information. Spoken words carry information and emotion. Music opens our minds and hearts to receive messages deeply.

In this new "Muze" audio style, I deliver timeless principles of how people master their lives, achieve lofty goals and become their highest selves.

It is my hope that other teachers and artists will create Muze recordings to lift souls around the world.

Your CD soundtracks include:

  • Track One: New Day

  • Track Two: Transmission One

  • Track Three: Instruments

  • Track Four: Not a Destination

  • Track Five: Something Different

  • Track Six: On My Honor

  • Track Seven: Masterpiece

Larry Janesky

Larry Janesky is a business leader, artist, teacher and writer from Middlebury CT. He has spent 33 years in preparation for this audio. He has elevated affirmations to a new level. He calls them, Muze Inspirational Affirmations.

Mr. Janesky is well qualified to teach confidence and success principles . . . because he's achieved ultra-high levels of success himself.

Mentors, such as Larry, have been around since the beginning of man for a good reason . . . they elevate people higher than they can go on their own and that's just what Larry Janesky can do for you.

I have been moved by Larry as a man, as a mentor, and as an extremely helpful author. The soundtracks on the Masterpiece program will lift you, give you confidence and enthusiasm. They will guide you to a better vision of your future. They will launch you into a positive direction filled with positive outcomes.

All music and editing by Jesse Dostie who discovered his genius on this project. Special thanks to Jesse. It would not have been possible without him.

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