Kazuo Murakami

Kazuo MurakamiKazuo MurakamiBorn 1936 in Nara prefecture, Japan. Honorary professor, University of Tsukuba. Completed doctoral course at Kyoto University Graduate School in 1963. Assistant professor at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Professor at University of Tsukuba Institute of Applied Biochemistry in 1978. Succeeded in genetically decoding the enzyme "renin" in humans, the cause of high blood pressure. Has since attracted global attention in his research on biochemistry. Won the Max Planck Research Award in 1990. Won the Japan Academy Prize in 1996. Currently heads the Foundation for Advancement of International Science Bio Laboratory, a recognized authority on biogenetics. Representative of "Heart And Gene Laboratory". Prolific writer whose works include "Science Is Fascinating Thinking Out Of The Box", "The Divine Code of Life - Switch on your Genes 1", "The Divine Code of Life - Switch on your Genes 2", "Live Your Genes Awake", and "The Incredible Power Of Life".Shomei YohBorn 1946 in Kumamoto City, Japan. Relocated in 1970 to study in New York, where he learned oil painting. Published his first illustrated work, "The White Bird On My Bench", in 1972. This work has since been published in various European countries. In 1977, he won a prize at the 3rd San Rio Prize for Fine Art.

In 1990, his work "The Wind and the Panther" won the Graphics Award at the Bologna International Children's Book Exhibition. Established the "Shomei Yoh Museum Of Art" in Kita-Kamakura in 1991. In 1996, his work "Planet of Dolphins" was a prizewinner at the 31st Japan Book Design Exhibition. In 1997, his work "Not Mines but Flowers" won the Readers' Prize at the Japan Picture Book. "Planet of Dolphins" won the 7th Kembuchi Picture Village Grand Prize. His work was used by Japan Post for its Kamo-Mail product.

Other works have been provided to Unicef, the World Wildlife Fund, Amnesty (Japan division), and other organizations, in addition to being stored in museums and libraries all over the world. Actively involved in exhibits and seminars in both Japan and abroad.

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