The Personal MBA Masterclass

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The Personal MBA Masterclass

Author: Josh Kaufman


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by Josh Kaufman

A Home Study Course for Mastering the Art of Business
Getting an MBA is an expensive choice. And it’s getting even more difficult to justify regardless of the state of the economy. Even the most elite business schools often offer outdated, assembly-line programs that teach you more about PowerPoint presentations and unnecessary financial models than what it takes to run a real business. You can get better results – and save hundreds of thousands of dollars – by skipping business school altogether and finding a better, more informative alternative. Others have done so with great success – now it’s your turn.


Learn everything you need to know to really succeed in business in a single course!

Get a superior business education WITHOUT the $150,000 MBA price tag!

It's a simple fact that without expanding your knowledge base, upgrading your skills, and improving your performance, you won't get any further in your career than you've gotten so far. But exactly which skills and what knowledge do you need, and what's the best way for you to get them?

MBA programs and so-called business training experts have made a fortune convincing people that the answer to that question is complicated, time-intensive, and very expensive. But the truth is, achieving big success in business doesn't have to involve any of those things.

Josh Kaufman has spent nearly a decade systematically isolating the universal principles of modern business practice.

In this breakthrough business training program, recorded LIVE at one of his exclusive $2500 Personal MBA Masterclasses, you'll learn all of the fundamental principles and proven tactics you need to know (and none you don't need to know) about how to really succeed in business. including how to:

  • Skillfully negotiate contracts to get the best deal and the best work

  • Identify ideal customers and generate high levels of demand

  • Craft marketing campaigns that have people clamoring to buy

  • Analyze and improve internal systems for smooth, efficient operation

  • Accelerate productivity to get much more done in far less time

  • Increase cash flow and revenue predictably and reliably

  • Read and interpret financial statements to stay on top of cash flow

The critical concepts you'll learn in this program are absolutely guaranteed to have an immediate and profound impact on your professional life. And believe it or not, they're concepts that even the best business schools in the world simply don't teach.

Whether you're looking to get promoted... improve your company's profitability... or quit your current job to start your own business doing something you love... The Personal MBA Masterclass will give you all of the business knowledge you need to achieve massive success — at a fraction of the cost of a traditional MBA program!

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