Gerald Jampolsky

Gerald G. Jampolsky, M.D., is a child and adult psychiatrist, a graduate of Stan-ford Medical School, and a former faculty member of the University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco. He is the pioneer Founder of Attitudinal Healing. In 2005, he was the recipient of the prestigious Excellence in Medicine – Pride in the Profession Award from the American Medical Association for his widespread, groundbreaking cross-cultural, work. In 1975, he established the original Center for Attitudinal Healing (CAH), where children, adolescents, and adults with life-threatening illnesses and grief and loss found peace of mind through the first Peer Support Group Model that transformed them and their families. Today, there are independent Centers for Attitudinal Healing innovating Atti-tudinal Healing in all aspects of life’s challenges in dozens of countries on five continents.

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