Fredric Lehrman

FREDRIC LEHRMAN, Director of Nomad University, has been active in the field of business psychology for over 25 years. His well-known seminar, GETTING MONEY RIGHT: the Psychology of Wealth, has helped thousands of people to end their anxieties about money and to expand their creativity and prosperity. A consultant to executives of such organizations as Microsoft, 3M Corporation, Banana Republic Clothing Stores, McKinsey & Company, and Celestial Seasonings, Fredric Lehrman leads trainings and workshops around the world.

His approach weaves together diverse elements from his background as a trained classical musician, nine years of study under a T'ai Chi Master, and a thorough grounding in psychology, group dynamics and body-centered therapies. His other activities include the design, production, and coordination of international business training programs, professional work in photography, and Arts Education.

Author of the widely respected photographic book, The Sacred Landscape, he is now directing several projects in the arts, business, and environmental fields. A recent lecture program, directed towards sales professionals, is now a 10-CD course entitled Inner Factors That Control Outer Success. His forthcoming publications and recordings can be obtained by contacting Fredric Lehrman at

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