Donna Faiman Cercone

Donna Faiman CerconeDonna Cercone graduated from Mount Mary College of Milwaukee with a BA in English and minors in Education and Biology. Her further education has given her the equivalent of a degree in music and education. Her first classroom was in Bismark, ND where she was assigned to teach the 7th grade.

She taught every subject in the classroom. She chose to become the kind of teacher she always wanted, but never had. She is a much sought after speaker and gives frequent seminars to groups and companies nationwide. She has developed seminars on color and how to use it to expand your genius, vocal pacing, how to create more time, using music to reduce stress, teaching a year's worth of piano lessons in 10 hours, and several others. From her own experiences and research in whole brain learning she synthesized and advanced the best of modern discoveries to create MegaLearning - learning for the 21st century.

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