Dennis Higgins and John La Tourrette, Ph.D.

In 1971, while he was embarking on a career as a salesman, Dennis Higgins took the Silva training. He followed the Silva method and used the proven techniques, and as a result became one of the top salespeople in the company!Dennis Higgins wanted this salespeople and professionals everywhere to have the same incredible advantage that he had. As a result, in 1983, he authored a sales manual for Silva lecturers to use and developed The Silva Sales Lecture Series and the Silva Sales Power Program. That program was so successful, Jose Silva himself asked Dennis to work with him to write Sales Power: The Silva Mind Method for Sales Professionals in 1992.

After 30 years of studying Jose Silva's techniques, Dennis Higgins and John La Tourrette combined to create the new Silva UltraMind's Remote Viewing and Remote Influencing program.

Dr. John La Tourrette has been a Silva instructor since 1985. In 1998, Dr. Tourrette was fortunate to be in the very first instructor training sessions for the new Silva UltraMind ESP. He has written 18 popular books and produced an astonishing 247 videos about martial arts and sports psychologyDennis Higgins and John La Tourrette are both recognized as two of the leading experts in the field of mind training. Both Dennis Higgins and John La Tourrette are accomplished speakers, writers, and instructors on the Silva methods and techniques.When asked about Jose Silva's ESP techniques, Dennis Higgins replied, 'I have used Jose Silva's ESP techniques throughout my sales career, whether writing, teaching, or face to face selling and it works!" 

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