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Author: Dr. David Hawkins


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by Dr. David Hawkins

Achieving Total Wellness Through Higher Level of Consciousness
The latest enlightening program that synthesizes the latest revelations in consciousness research as to how your physical body is affected as you address life’s challenges, as well as how you are affected emotionally and spiritually. Specific instructions and guidelines are provided as to how to recover from disease, illness, and addiction. The importance of including a spiritual practice in one’s healing program is explained, along with how simple it is to incorporate it in the process. Clinically proven self-healing methods that will enable you to take charge of your health and live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life.


Bring Complete Healing into Every Area of Your Life!

Restore normalcy and a sense of ease into your everyday life!

Dr. David Hawkins’s renowned Map of Consciousness is one of the most innovative and useful personal development tools ever developed.

In this groundbreaking program, Dr. Hawkins shows you how to use this scientifically formulated technology to bring healing and wellness to the most important parts of your life quickly, comfortably, and naturally!

In Healing, you’ll discover:

  • A simple exercise that cancels limiting beliefs and how he used this exercise to cancel his belief that eggs raise his blood cholesterol level

  • Five specific things you can do to heal an illness

  • Practical tools for turning major crises into acute gains, as well as other exercises you can do daily to sustain your health

  • Why aging is a series of scripts, programs, and stereotypes that you choose to believe, and what you can do to grow older happily, healthily, and gracefully

  • Why, in order to heal your fear, you need to look below the feelings into the energy field where the fear originated

  • How to let go of excess weight in an easy, practical, and joyful way that takes only about 90 minutes over a couple of days

  • Why and how you should use a holistic approach to heal dis-ease

  • How your attitudes and beliefs relate to the stress that you experience in your life

  • How to accelerate your spiritual progress by shifting your paradigm on death and dying

  • And many more!

When you achieve true healing, you go from seeing yourself as fragmented to realizing that you are whole. You let go of the old patterns and choices that no longer support the real you. And you move from a state of dis-ease into a state of serenity and total wellness.

Achieve that ideal state of living today, under the guidance of one of the world’s most honored and respected teachers.

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