Dan Green

Dan Green started his career in software sales. But he struggled for years to make the income and career advancements he was after. Then he came across a couple of alluring words that changed his career, his life: Finish Strong.Dan Green found the words Finish Strong to be a compelling attitude and approach to reaching his financial goals. He not only embraced those words, he lived by them. The philosophy behind those words enabled him to achieve peak performance in business, sports, finances.

By applying the Finish Strong attitude every day, Dan Green tripled his income and was able to pay off all of his debts. He was also able to pursue his dream of racing open wheel racecars.Dan Green realized that other people could benefit from the power behind these words as much as he had.

He created Finish Strong, LLC as a small business that connects with his professional career. He worked to launch many products branded with the Finish Strong emblem.

Dan Green's Finish Strong motto delivers champions

In 2008, Simple Truths published Dan's book, "Finish Strong - Amazing Stories of Courage and Inspiration". It has sold over 200,000 copies worldwide.

In fact, Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints purchased a copy of this book and gave it to every member of the team. Finish Strong became the mantra of the Saints and would ultimately carry them to a world championship.

Dan Green shares some innovative ways that he has incorporated the Finish Strong attitude into his personal and professional lives."Dan Green has written one of the most inspirational books that we've ever published at Simple Truths. It is filled with amazing stories about people from all walks of life who in the face of adversity, against all odds'finished strong!"- Mac Anderson

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