Bob Scheinfeld

Bob ScheinfeldFor more than 20 years, Bob Scheinfeld has been helping marketers and other entrepreneurs create extraordinary results in less time, with less effort, and with much more fun. He captivates audiences through his unique and memorable personal stories of entrepreneurial success, teaching them the lessons from his own rich life. His journey of triumph over confusion, anger, and desperation qualifies him as an undisputed expert in the arena of business success and personal fulfillment.

Bob's keynote speeches, seminars, books, audio programs, and other learning resources have helped tens of thousands of people in more than 110 countries transform their definitions of success and the pathways they follow to create success in their lives. Bob writes and works from his home in Virginia, where he lives with his wife Cecily, his daughter Ali, and his son Aidan.Bob Scheinfeld is author of Nightingale-Conant's The 11th Element

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