Asara Lovejoy with Bonnie Strehlow

Asara Lovejoy with Bonnie StrehlowAsara Lovejoy is the Founder and CEO of The One Command Quantum Success Coaching Program and radio host for Living in the Quantum Field. Asara has traveled the world as an agent of change, bringing her transformational One Command seminars to thousands, and she is a worldwide-recognized educator, speaker, and consultant on what is possible in our human intelligence.

Through an extensive career in radio in Southern California in the early 2000s and her own Washington state-approved university of learning, The Threshold University of Body, Mind and Spirit, which she operated in the 1990s, Asara has developed curriculum, education, and content that is simple, direct, and life changing. She has produced measurable life changes for those attending her seminars and through her Living in the Quantum Field Contact Radio show.

Bonnie Strehlow's mission, having a background from clown to social worker to healer, seminar leader and coach, has always been to make a difference in someone's life while having fun in the process. In client sessions and live seminars Bonnie speaks directly to the greatest part of your intelligence and coaches you into the success you seek. Her in-depth coaching, in her special field of physical healing, guides her clients into release of pain and to increased emotional and physical well-being.

Bonnie is a gifted Medical Intuitive, Master Coach and Seminar Leader with advanced training in The One Command, Hypnotherapy, and Neurolinguistic Programming.Asara Lovejoy with Bonnie Strehlow combine the healing abilities from The One Command to create their newest program: The Theta Code.

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