Thirsting for God

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Thirsting for God

Author: Fr. Angelo Scolozzi, M.C.III.O, and Dr. Lou Tartaglia


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6 Audio CDs

Mother Teresa is speaking on each session! A profoundly personal encounter with one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time. Mother Teresa spent her life on a journey of spirit, service, and incredible gift of self to humanity. In this unique and enlightening audio series, you'll travel along that journey with her.


Contains actual recordings of Mother Teresa!

The 20th century was deeply impacted by one of the greatest, most inspiring spiritual leaders of all time: Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

For millions of people around the world, Mother Teresa stood as the ultimate example of belief in action. She was living proof that one person, filled with love, purpose and determination, really can make a difference - can, in fact, touch the entire world.

So many of us on the spiritual path would like to have even a fraction of the spiritual clarity that motivated this tiny powerhouse to accomplish such monumental good. But how can we get it? What was the spiritual sustenance that kept Mother Teresa going day in and day out? What were the beliefs and principles she lived by? What made her persevere in the face of such adversity? How did she overcome the fear and anxiety that plagues us all from time to time?

These questions and many others are made clear in an extraordinary and exclusive new audio program that Nightingale-Conant is honored to be able to offer to our customers: Thirsting for God: The Spiritual Lessons of Mother Teresa.

A deeply affecting audio program unlike any other you've experienced!

Many were familiar with the work Mother did and the causes she fought so passionately for. But comparatively few people had an up-close-and-personal knowledge of the woman herself. One of the fortunate ones who did was a man named Father Angelo Devananda Scolozzi M.C.III.O.

Mother Teresa is speaking on each session!

For more than two decades, Fr. Angelo worked with Mother co-founding a lay association, contemplative oriented, at the service of the spiritually poorest of the poor. At first it was called Brothers of the Word and slowly evolved to what is now the Universal Fraternity of the Word Third Order of the Missionaries of Charity M.C.III.O., a movement which includes Christians of all denominations and people of other faiths.

During the years they worked together, Father Angelo recorded many of Mother Teresa's conversations, reflections, and work in action. Recently, he made some of these recording available to us. Now, we in turn are making them available to the many millions of people who wish to know more about-and learn how to do with their lives something beautiful for God from- this incredible woman.

We have extracted the most powerful of this material, woven it together with Father Angelo's personal insights into Mother's thoughts and actions, and combined it with practical suggestions for applying her remarkable wisdom and example to the contemporary situations and challenges we encounter each day.

The result is something truly unprecedented: A rare and precious glimpse into Mother Teresa's private thoughts, inner workings and spiritual insights… and a practical blueprint for creating an inner and outer life of deeply authentic spirituality, according to her example.

A profoundly personal encounter with one of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time.

Thirsting for God will introduce you to the flesh-and-blood person behind Mother Teresa's familiar white and blue sari: a tough and passionate spiritual messenger with a single-minded mission. In her own words and voice, and through the daily activities captured on these recordings, she reveals her thoughts on a range of spiritual topics, including:

  • The freedom that comes from "surrendering your will to a higher good"

  • How to place your loving trust completely in God

  • The key to the spiritual paradox that though our superiors may make mistakes in commanding us, we are infallible in obeying.

  • The greatest gift you can give to another human being

  • What spiritual poverty really is, and why it can be far more destructive than material poverty

  • And much more

It may surprise you to learn that Mother Teresa had moments of doubt, frustration and despair, just as all of us do. You'll discover the tools she used to overcome these dark moments and emerged each time with an even stronger vision and resolve-and how you can do the same.

Bridging Mother's words and Father Angelo's reflections to our own lives today are the practical insights of Dr. Lou Tartaglia, the author of many books on both personal and spiritual development and a confidant of Father Angelo.

Drawing on real examples from his own experiences and those of others, Dr. Tartaglia provides the critical connection between the message Mother shares and our place in contemporary Western society. He offers concrete suggestions for implementing Mother's message in our daily lives, and demonstrates that this message has deep and significant relevance for everyone - regardless of our particular religious affiliations or spiritual beliefs.

Energize your outlook, invigorate your soul, and discover your own life's calling

Mother Teresa spent her life on a journey of spirit, service, and incredible gift of self to humanity. In this unique and enlightening audio series, you'll travel along that journey with her.

Along the way, you'll come to know the remarkable and unexpectedly real person that was Mother Teresa. Even more importantly, you'll discover an amazing set of spiritual principles that will empower you to live more deeply, love more fully, answer your higher calling and become "unique and precious in the eyes of God," your best possible self.

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