Fr. Angelo Scolozzi, M.C.III.O, and Dr. Lou Tartaglia

Fr. Angelo Scolozzi, M.C.III.O. is the co-founder, with Mother Teresa of Calcutta, of the Universal Fraternity of the Word Missionaries of Charity Third Order, M.C.III.O. He is currently engaged in directing groups of the movement in various countries and in a foundation for community life in Orland, Maine, USA.Dr. Tartaglia is a Board Certified Psychiatrist, Addiction Medicine Specialist. He is a character development consultant and an authority on the cost of character to business.

His background includes serving as a consultant to Mother Teresas Universal Fraternity of the Word on issues of Substance Abuse and Recovery, where he helped to set up a therapeutic clinic in Rome. He is the author of several books, including The Great Wing, a parable.Angelo Scolozzi and Lou Tartaglia combine to create a phenomenal program for Nightingale-Conant called Thirsting for God. This audio program by Angelo Scolozzi and Lou Tartaglia contains actual recordings from Mother Teresa.

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