Author Insights

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On February 11th, 2010 Nightingale-Conant marked an amazing milestone: 50 YEARS in the business of helping people reach their goals, exceed their potential, and achieve their dreams. To commemorate a half-century of publishing the life-changing ideas that lead to success, we asked some of the greatest personal development minds of our time to share the thoughts, insights, and words of wisdom that have inspired and motivated their success journeys.

The result is Author Insights: "My Greatest Personal Development Lesson", a wonderful one-of-a-kind audio collection featuring candid stories, powerful recollections, and eye-opening advice you won't hear anywhere else.

Listen to these great recordings now, download them for later, or pass them along to a friend. They’re yours to keep and use as you wish. Please accept them with our heartfelt gratitude for 50 truly extraordinary years and many more to come!

    No Success is a Solo Effort
    by John Abdo
    Living a Life of Continuous, Constant Self-Improvement
    by Dr. Tony Alessandra
    The Four Elements of the Motivational Cycle
    by Dr. Carl Aylen
    Lessons from My Grandmother
    by David Bach
    Consult Not Your Fears, but Your Hopes and Your Dreams
    by Kelvin Boston
    The Process of Finding the Higher Meaning
    by Joe Caruso
    50 Years of Changing Lives!
    by Vic Conant
    Successful Days String Together a Successful Life
    by John Cummuta
    Tribute to a Hero
    by Roger Dawson
    Experiencing the Light and Brightness in Ourselves and the World Around Us
    by Stephen Edwards
    Through Crisis to Success
    by Paul and Sarah Edwards
    Becoming a Beacon of Value
    by Dr. John Eliot
    Words are Cheap and Deeds are Dear
    by Jeffrey Fox
    A Simple Three Step Process for Achieving Success
    by Dr. Andy Fuehl
    Advice from a 95-Year Old
    by Marshall Goldsmith
    Speeding the Healing Process
    by Dr. Gary Goodman
    Visualize to Internalize
    by Garrett Gunderson
    Making Progress Towards a Worthy Destination
    by Dr. Nick Hall
    My Most Transforming Experience
    by Dr. David Hawkins
    The Three Greatest Words of Success
    by Tony Jeary
    Three Insights in Getting to the Winner’s Circle
    by Michael LeBoeuf
    Loving Your Work No Matter What You Do
    by Dan Miller
    Changing Your Thoughts to be More Productive
    by Luanne Oakes, Ph.D.
    The Power of Incremental Advancement
    by Rick Ott
    It’s Time to Lead the Field
    by Dr. Eric Plasker
    The Power of Focusing with a Great Attitude
    by Joe Polish
    The Great Secret of Time Management
    by Bob Proctor
    Your Destiny is in Your Decisions
    by Tony Robbins
    The Three D’s of Successful Living
    by Mike Summey
    The Yesterday’s Road Method
    by Peter Thomson
    Improving Life Beyond Imagination
    by Brian Tracy
    Seeking to be the Best in a Fast-Forward World
    by Dr. Denis Waitley
    Life is Not About You, You are About Life
    by Jim Warner
    Focus on What You Need to Learn
    by John Wasik
    Words that Will Guide Your Life
    by Robert White
    Being Free to Create the Life of Your Dreams
    by Michael Wickett
    Your Life is Your Own Fault!
    by Larry Winget