Who’s In Charge of Programming Your Mind Article by: Jim Rohrbach

“Television is cotton candy for the mind.” Brian Tracy

I don’t mean to make light of serious situations, but I have a hard time getting worked up about the news on TV if I happen to catch some of it. Living in Chicago, I do pay attention to the important stuff — the weather, which helps me plan what I’m wearing every day. And the sports — gotta know what the Cubs, Bears and the Bulls are doing. (Usually losing, but I don’t take that personally anymore!)

Have you noticed what is considered news by television producers? Lets take a look at the hot topics that show up almost every day on the tube with the underlying message of each:

The World Terrorists. Civil wars. Genocide. Poverty. Hunger. Neighbor threatening neighbor with nukes — we’re all just one itchy finger away from being blown to Kingdom Come.

Politics At best, politicians are bozos. At the core, they’re sleazy, self-serving and ultimately corrupt. The majority should be impeached, if not lynched. You can’t trust any of them, and soon our democracy will lie in ruins at their hands.

Business Corporations are trying to sell you poorly made stuff you don’t need so they can pay their top execs humongous salaries, then lay off thousands of hardworking, honest employees to insure their bonuses. Let’s face it — they’re gonna rip you off.

The Markets Everyone’s investments are dropping like a rock. The markets are never stable so you’d be a fool to invest. If you have, you’ll soon be broke. Welcome to the next Great Depression.

Health Heart attacks, cancer, obesity, AIDS — some incurable disease is coiled like a cobra, waiting to strike. You’re gonna die a lot sooner than you and your loved
ones thought.

Local Scene Homicide, robbery, accidents, kidnappings — it’s not safe in the streets. If you go out, you’re asking for trouble, as murderers, thieves and con artists are lurking around every corner for you to be their next victim.

Now is this the kind of stuff you want to feed your head with? I view it as entertainment. But many people get all bent out of shape, which is exactly what the news is designed to do: Get you in an emotional state of anxiety, fear, outrage. Why would TV producers want to do this? So you’ll STAY TUNED — they need the ratings to keep their advertisers paying outrageous sums to show you commercials. That way they get to keep their jobs. They even hope the news will make you SICK — ever notice how many ads there are for medication during a typical prime-time news broadcast?

So what’s the alternative? I recommend you create your own version of “You Tube” to start each morning: Read your Mission Statement, recite empowering Affirmations, Visualize your goals as if you’ve hit the “Instant Replay” button on what you’re trying to accomplish, and give thanks to God that for all your blessings, which could include not programming your mind with the nasty tripe TV producers are serving up. Avoid the boob tube’s version of “reality” — it’s the best way to stay positive in the negative world of TV news. Who’s in charge of programming your mind? Hopefully… you!

Success Skills Coach Jim Rohrbach, “The Personal Fitness Trainer for Your Business,” coaches business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals on growing their clientele. He has helped hundreds of individuals to achieve their goals since he developed his first coaching program in 1982. To arrange a Free Consultation with Jim, go to www.SuccessSkills.com.