Ten Success Tips from The Boss Article by: Jim Rohrbach

I’ve been seeing Bruce Springsteen since 1974 and caught his latest knockout performance with The E Street Band this past month here in Chicago. Some of you have seen the man in concert and have marveled at the energy he puts out night after night — at age 58, he’s shown why he’s earned the nickname “The Boss.” What secrets of success can you learn from the music of this legendary rocker? Here are ten success tips from The Boss:

The Rising All of us will face major challenges — do you have what it takes to rise above? In 1976 Bruce Springsteen appeared on the cover of both Time and Newsweek in the same week. However, the articles within actually dammed him with faint praise while scolding the “star-making hype” that surrounded him. At the time this overexposure actually damaged his reputation. Bruce went on to fire his manager (who engineered the cover appearances) and become arguably the biggest single rock icon in the world over the last 30+ years.

Prove It All Night If you’ve ever attended a Springsteen show you KNOW he delivers. And you could go from city to city on each of his tours — the rave reviews will be the same, not just from longtime fans but from absolute newcomers. Do you “prove it all night,” or at least every day in your career?

Waiting on a Sunny Day A positive mental attitude is mandatory for success in any endeavor. How do you look for the “sunny day,” even in the face of adversity?

Badlands “It ain’t no sin to be glad your alive!” Are you having fun while you work, and do you feel grateful for having the opportunity to help people every day? Or do you feel “trapped,” like you’re “going down, down, down” to the salt mines each morning?

No Surrender “We made a vow we swore we’d always defend … no retreat, baby — no surrender.” Are you sticking to your way of serving customers, regardless of what the talking heads are recommending as the “flavor of the month” business fad?

Born to Run Do you feel passion for your career? Were you “born to stay” in what you do for a living? Or is this just something you’re doing until you find a real job?

Thunder Road “It’s a town full of losers, and I’m pullin’ outta here to WIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!” Are you hanging out with the water cooler crowd, the coffee klatches and the whiner’s club — or “are you ready to take that long walk” to success, which can be a lonely path?

Backstreets Have you made up your mind to be the best you can be, or are you just “hidin’ on the backstreets” of mediocrity?

Out in the Street Funny how no great prospects just show up randomly at your door — how regularly do you go “out in the street” to bring the business to you?

Rosalita Not uncommon: You may have to tune out any disapproval of your career path by certain friends or family members (like your in-laws): “Now I know your daddy he don’t like me, ’cause I play with my business plan (‘Your papa says he knows that I don’t have any money!’) … but a huge new customer just gave me a big advance!!!”

The point? It’s inspiring to watch great performers from the sidelines. But I challenge you to bring the energy, commitment and excellence to your profession that Bruce Springsteen brings to his audience every night — that’s how you’ll become “The Boss” of your own life!

Success Skills Coach Jim Rohrbach, “The Personal Fitness Trainer for Your Business,” coaches business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals on growing their clientele. He has helped hundreds of individuals to achieve their goals since he developed his first coaching program in 1982. To arrange a Free Consultation with Jim, go to www.SuccessSkills.com.