Someday … If Only … Article by: Ed Foreman

The young boy and the young girl say, “Someday when I get out of school, move away from home, and start college, I’m really going to have fun. I’ll be happy and life will be great.”

The college student says, “Someday when I graduate, get my degree, get a job and my own apartment, I’ll be happy and am really gonna live!”

The young couple says, “Someday when we get moved into our new home, get that promotion, and join the country club, we’ll really be happy and life will be so good.”

Mother and father say, “Someday, when those kids get out of school and we get this place paid off, we’re really gonna’ be happy and truly enjoy life.”

The older couple says, “Someday when we retire, we’re really gonna enjoy life, do all those things we’ve been wanting to do but never seemed to take time to do … we’re gonna be happy and have a good time then!”

The accountant says, “When tax season’s over …”; the teacher says, “When school’s out …”; the farmer says, “When the crops are in …”; the technician says, “When this program’s completed …”; the engineer says, “When this job’s done …”; the speaker/entertainer says, “When this tour’s finished …”; the candidate says, “When I’m elected …”; the coach or player says, “When the season’s over …”; the statistician says, “When all the numbers are in …”; the health minister says, “When I see what the others are gonna do …”; … ad infinitum.

On the way out, they look back longingly and say, “Wow! If only I had it to do over again, I’d have gone barefooted to school in the spring like Billy Bob did, and slipped off to the creek with Ralph Raymond and Joe Day to go swimming after school like they did.”

If only I hadn’t gotten married so young, I’d have gone to Alaska with Ed, Kendall, and Pete … what fun that would have been!”

If only I’d borrowed the money, taken the chance, and developed that idea of mine into a business like Ed did instead of taking a job with the Grist Mill because of the security they offered, two weeks vacation with pay each year … a company car and expense account … an insurance program … retirement, social security, and a gold watch.”

If only I could do it over again, I’d smile more, worry less … I’d take chances, I’d travel to exotic places, meeting interesting people, ride motorcycles, fly airplanes and hot-air balloons … I’d hike mountain trails, zip across the desert, camp out, canoe, portage, fish, hunt, laugh, love, and live!”

“Oh, If only I could live it all over, I’d take better care of myself, exercise more often, drink less booze and more juice … eat less fat and more veggies. I’d treasure every day, love everybody, thank God for my blessings and lessons, my successes and my setbacks.”

If only … I’d be happy and truly live every day!” There’s an old fable … and the subject of a recent great book by Mark L. Feldman and Michael F. Spratt … that goes, “There were five frogs on a log … four of ‘em decided to jump. How many frogs are left on the log?” The most common answer is “one”. The second most popular answer is “none” … because, the guesser reasons, if four decided to jump, the remaining frog probably went along with the majority. The right answer is “five”! Deciding to do something and taking the action to do it are two entirely different things. As my Daddy used to say, “Aiming to, don’t pick no cotton!”

The leaders, the real winners in life, are the ones who evaluate the situation, make a decision, and then take action. Got something that’s bothering you? Write out in a clear, complete statement, not a question, the challenge you are facing. Ask yourself, “What are the causes of this situation?” Often you resolve it there. If not, then ask yourself, “What are all the possible answers to this challenge?” Write out all the possible answers. Brainstorm; don’t evaluate. Then review all the possible answers, decide on the best possible answer, and then ACT. And do it now!

Get rid of the “Someday …” and the “If only…” syndromes, and get on with life TODAY!

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