Secrets of the Debt-Buster Article by: John Cummuta

Our grandparents knew how to stretch a dollar. In those days, a chicken would last an entire week and would feed an entire family of four. By learning to be a creative money saver, you’ll discover what they’ve always known: You don’t have to spend a lot to be happy.

While some of the following suggestions might sound a bit extreme, these ideas reflect wisdom from years gone by. Here are some ways your grandparents (or greatgrandparents!) learned to save money — with a modern twist here and there.

  • Eat less food. By eating smaller meals, not only will you be healthier, you’ll also save money.
  • Go vegetarian — even just twice a week. Pasta, rice, potatoes, and beans are some of the lowest-priced foods on the market.
  • Never pay full price. Wait until you can get some kind of discount and then stock up.
  • Never throw anything away that can be reused or recycled. Cash in your aluminum cans and plastic bottles. Use old sauce jars to freeze leftovers. Be creative!
  • Use a thermos to keep coffee warm instead of leaving the burner on. You can really taste the difference!
  • Turn off the lights. By remembering to turn off appliances and change light bulbs to lower wattage, you’ll be saving money and the environment.
  • Open drapes to let in the heat. Close them to keep it cooler.
  • Feeling cold? Put on a sweater rather than turn on the heater. Better yet, go outside for a nice brisk walk or jog. You’ll use your body’s thermostat instead of your home’s.
  • Turn off the TV if you’re not watching it. TV sound is expensive company. Listening to the radio uses a lot less electricity.
  • Wash your own car. Check your own tire pressure. Change your own oil if you can.
  • Re-evaluate your telephone needs. Cell phones can be expensive, especially if you are paying for a household of users. Get rid of the phones that aren’t absolutely necessary. Look for cheaper plans. Getting rid of just one cell phone can save you $50 or more a month!

The “Debt-Buster” is John Cummuta, renowned speaker and seminar leader, and bestselling author of Transforming Debt Into Wealth and The Wealth Machine. He has helped more than half a million people quickly and completely eliminate their debt and get on the road to lifelong financial freedom.