PRIORITIES Article by: Mac Anderson

NOTHING SHAPES OUR ATTITUDES MORE than focusing on our priorities, because when we move toward our reason for being, the result usually is happiness and peace of mind.

I recently read an article about a man who knew how to keep a good perspective on his priorities. He called it his “theory of a thousand marbles.” At age 55, he began to realize his weeks and his years were flying by. He figured that the average person lived to be 75, which gave him another 20 years, so with 52 weeks in a year that gave him approximately one thousand precious weekends left to enjoy with the people he loved most.

So he bought one thousand marbles, put them in a clear plastic container, and placed the container on a credenza in his office. Every Monday, he would take out one marble and throw it away.

He discovered that as his marbles diminished, he focused more on the most important aspects of life, and he observed, “There’s nothing like watching your time here on earth run out to help get your priorities straight.” During the past year, I’ve gotten to know Lance Wubbels. Lance is a terrific writer and a great person. About a year ago, he gave me a small gift book that he had just written for Hallmark, titled: If Only I Knew. The book is filled with gentle reminders to focus us on what matters most. Here’s a sampling of what Lance had to say:

If Only I Knew …
This was our last hug,
I would hold you tight
And hope to never let you go.

If Only I Knew …
That even when everything in my life
Seems to go wrong
And comes crumbling down around me,
Even when my heart is broken,
God has promised
To always be with me.

Ah, yes … If only we knew, we would treasure special people in our life even more. Every day could be our last. And you might have heard it before, but it bears repeating … “On your deathbed, you will not say, ‘I wish I had spent more time at the office.’ ”

The love of your family, your friends, and your faith will shape your attitude and determine your true success in life.

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